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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

General Feedback for Loft Additions

awphilNovember 21, 2012
We've added a ton of things to the loft, like a theater, a photo studio area, a semi walk-in closet, and collapsible partitions to separate the bedroom. Just looking for general thoughts and perhaps any ideas for decor, placement, etc. Thanks!
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Looks like great potential and you've done a lot. Hate to mention it, but how about engaging a weekly housekeeping service to keep it looking like the vision in your head?
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Stanton Designs-online design services
There is a lot to fit into this space. Great vision but looks very crowded. Your sofas block off too much space. I would remove the sofa that faces the window and think about replacing it with 1 or 2 smaller scaled chairs.
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Hi. thank you for sharing pics of your home. Love lofts. I like to see a bit of room division without changing the loft feel. Maybe a flat rug (round or rectangular would help define each area. Love your floors. The black is too heavy. Needs a bit of an accent color to ease the eye. See how your kitchen cabinets sweep color in the kitchen area. Something will pop for you in the discussion. I will look for some ideas.

Although the space is very sleek, I see little personality in here. You know, the real you. tell us if you like art, and if the kitty stand has to be there. I figured it is there since they like heat from windows. No plants, can you buy something a plant that your kitty won't get into? Ilook at Sanseviera and it is a little toxic to cats, so that's a no go. But, there has to be something out there it won't get into. Your place needs a little green.

:=) I see a little red in your loft, do you like a little red to accent, or do you have a different color in mind?

PS. Is the big white wall to right of screen for photoshoots, or can we add some art? :=)

OK. ideas: look at the pillows attached:
Outdoor Living · More Info

the dots lighten the mood a little. If you really don't want to color accent, you can accent with shapes.

nice plant.
Contemporary Home Design · More Info

rug is very pricy. you can probably find one "like it" for less.
Madrid Rug by Mat-The-Basics · More Info

If you, or someone you know is handy...they can make something like this for your space. Will take some serious measuring, designing, and installation. Can paint the blocks a color, a triad of your colors; grey, black, offwhite, or red, or your accent color.
MacDougal Manor · More Info

you'd need to suspend from ceiling, or find a wall and anchor two points on wall, one point on ceiling and have a stopper at your floor for stability.

whatever you do, have fun with it. I am guessing your acoustics aren't great in there. Anything fabric will help absorb some sounds...
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Nancy Hehmann
I think it would help define the sitting area to add an area rug in a modern design. You have a great loft but there is little color which you might wish to add via the area rug or at least do a lighter colors of perhaps a combination of beige and gray. There are so many available. Try looking at or for less expensive ones - and

I love, love, love your kitchen! You could also add an area rug there as well. I would not look in the kitchen section of a store because you will only find roosters and fruit designs there. You might again want to choose one in even a zebra design. Or sometimes an indoor /outdoor area rug would look good. I keep a Hoover Steam cleaner (for carpet and some clean hard woods too which would be an amazing idea for you.) to clean my area rugs and carpet. That way you can do it whenever you want. And if you get one that does hardwoods too (different solution of course) it has brushes to clean and then it sucks up the dirty water. You aren't just pushing the dirt around. Then you flush it all down the toilet.
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Sharon McLeod
I would take a large piece of fiberboard and paint it as bright a red as you can live with, and cover the back of the shelves or whatever that is behind your bed. It would look like a very large headboard, and add a real splash of colour! It would also look much more "finished". Cheap and easy fix.

You could even paint a 4 inch border around the edge in something else, like a bright yellow, or maybe even black (since the walls behind it are white)?
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Sharon McLeod
Also, not sure what is behind the screen, but I would suggest a large piece of artwork. That way when the screen is up, which I hope it would be when not in use, the wall is eye-catching.
Behind the pull-down black backdrop in your photography corner you could put a large mirror, big frame, sitting on the floor and leaning back on the wall. Shouldn't interfere with the backdrop, and would be a great way to bounce more light into the room.

PS: I'd cut the kitty condo down to half that. It's really dominating the room, and killing the "sleek, cool loft atmosphere".
As much as I love my dog and cat, I would never do that. Especially in a loft! Maybe if you also had a basement or something...
I find a small dog/cat bed placed conveniently beside a heat source (even a register will do!) gets used lots!
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Hey guys, thanks for all the comments so far. Very, very useful stuff. We're actually going to post better photos tomorrow since the artificial light and clutter isn't a good representation of how the loft looks right now.
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