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Design Dilemma

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Sauce Eggplant Chandelier Challenge.
Posted by toatsmcgoats | Design Dilemma
December 7, 2014
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Bathroom design concept..
Posted by VANGUARD development | Design Dilemma
23 hours ago
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VANGUARD developmentUpdated 18 minutes ago Thank you so much!
Giant Gator Art?
Posted by LeAnne Cantrell | Design Dilemma
July 25, 2014
889 Comments51 Bookmarks8 Likes  
AliUpdated 19 minutes ago Merry Christmas Everyone! :)
Pickled oak cabinets has me in a pickle over wall color!
Posted by terrilk | Design Dilemma
June 6, 2013
32 Comments8 Bookmarks2 Likes  
janelemarchalUpdated 24 minutes ago Here is the pic
Approved bedroom design idea
Posted by VANGUARD development | Design Dilemma
23 hours ago
1 Comment2 Likes  
avas15mith11Updated 28 minutes ago wow! What a GREAT carpet
Need help with window coverings
Posted by nvrbug | Design Dilemma
last Saturday
59 Comments4 Bookmarks2 Likes  
Shutter ShackUpdated 30 minutes ago As you wish..
need help with my living room
Posted by alsad | Design Dilemma
40 Comments1 Bookmark1 Like  
blenheimnewzealandUpdated 35 minutes ago With the mustard, gold colour