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Can you tell us about the art on the wall? Gorgeous!
Posted by dbeauvarlet
5 minutes ago
dbeauvarlet started a discussion.
Deer Sconces
Posted by Janice Gilsdorf
What is the paint color?
Posted by ssbozzy
6 minutes ago
ssbozzy started a discussion.
Please advise on the hinges used to hold the door/bookcase. Thanks
Posted by maggiebrie
6 minutes ago
maggiebrie started a discussion.
Could you please tell everyone the name of the paint color?
Posted by daniellebdavis
September 14, 2014
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Where can the side-board be found?
Posted by gjades
8 minutes ago
gjades started a discussion.
Great home!
Posted by rene012859
what type of countertop is this?
Posted by twebber3
10 minutes ago
twebber3 started a discussion.
I have dark granite and honey cabinets and want to stain my cabinets .What color should I stain my cabinets?I...
Posted by valerie4
January 11, 2011
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Mary WhittUpdated 12 minutes ago What color is the granite?
Love the sofa! Where did you get it from?
Posted by papillonring
April 6, 2014
1 Comment  
Trazza BUpdated 12 minutes ago NoughtOne makes these to order, based in the UK
Who is manufacturer of medicene cabinets?
Posted by shammersand
12 minutes ago
shammersand started a discussion.
What is cabinet, wall and ceiling colors?
Posted by tswaim1
13 minutes ago
tswaim1 started a discussion.
Matching chairs or love seat?
Posted by hunt5
October 27, 2014
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