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Corynne Pless
December 20, 2014
If you find yourself out of wrapping paper, need an activity for your kids, are looking for a last-minute gift for your neighbor or simply want to add a few handmade items to the gifts under your tree, here are three simple and cost-friendly ideas.
Small Skylights Add Comfort and Light Where You Need It
Steven Randel | December 20, 2014 2
The winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Daylight hours will slowly begin to lengthen from this time forward, but you may yearn for more sunlight in your spaces before spring and summer arrive. Small...
Better Circulation for a Family Kitchen and Bathroom
Mitchell Parker | December 20, 2014 10
At first Sara and Gibbs Rounsavall figured they would make over their 1980s plastic-laminate-filled kitchen with just new cabinets and appliances. But once they met with architect Emily Fisher and heard...
Shop Houzz: What’s Your Angle?
Houzz | December 20, 2014
There’s something dynamic and striking about the facets on a gemstone, the way the angles and planes come together. With the popularity of digital design tools, squares, triangles, hexagons, polygons and pyramids are lending their angular energy...
My Houzz: When Memories of Home Are of Paint and Linseed Oil
Margot Hartford | December 20, 2014 6
Artist Marie Van Elder has always made her home integral to her work. She uses it as a studio, workshop and gallery. The walls are filled with work by her and by her artist friends, and the largest room in the house is her studio space. The rooms have...
How to Make a Festive Paper-Cut Ornament
Amy Webster | December 20, 2014 4
Create your own tree decoration this year with a design cut out of paper and tucked inside a clear glass ball. You could personalize it with a word, name or phrase, go simple or choose a more intricate design like the one below. This decoration is made...
How to Cover Windows Above a Radiator
Laura Gaskill | December 20, 2014 7
If you live in a home with radiators, you know how tricky it can be to choose window treatments with those...
You Said It: ‘Lower Your Standards’ and Other Quotables
Becky Harris | December 19, 2014 13
This week Houzz stories had us getting inspired by great holiday projects and decor, but at the same time, they gave us permission to cut ourselves a break. Whether you want to accomplish the perfect wrapping job or have your 6-year-old do it for you...
Houzz Call: We Want to See Your Hardworking Mudroom
Mary Jo Bowling | December 19, 2014 52
A lot goes down in a mudroom: Wet or muddy boots are removed, coats are donned, sports and school gear is stowed, and family and pets pass through it every day. Although it’s rarely the first room special guests see, we want you to throw open the doors...
Bathroom Countertops 101: The Top Surface Materials
Lisa Kahn | December 19, 2014 23
Choosing the perfect material for one’s bathroom countertops can be a bit of a brain teaser, thanks to the abundant — and quite attractive — options available at nearly every price level. But because bathroom surfaces typically don’t face...
Great Design Plant: Spigelia Marilandica
Curtis Adams | December 19, 2014 1
Many hummingbird plants grow best in full sun or partly sunny sites. Some early spring bloomers will grow under trees, but there aren’t many choices for later in the season, after the shade canopy fills out. Indian pink (Spigelia marilandica)...
Shop Houzz: Give Your Home a Global Look With Ikat
Houzz | December 19, 2014
Ever since the ikat pattern zigzagged onto the design scene in big way, it’s only gotten more popular. While “ikat” refers to a special way of weaving in Asia and Central and South America, the distinctive pattern is now printed on wall coverings,...
My Houzz: Hard Work Pays Off in a DIY Cottage Renovation
Laura Garner | December 19, 2014 24
After months of searching through the MLS real estate listings website as a hobby, Sarah Brown came across a 1950s cottage that was exactly what she and Chad Zentner were looking for — a renovation project that would allow them to exercise...
Kitchen of the Week: A Small Galley With Maximum Style and Efficiency
Becky Harris | December 19, 2014 24
When architect Stephanie Horowitz and her husband, Alex, moved into a new condo in Boston, they were expecting their first child. They wanted to make some changes in a hurry to ensure that the home was healthy and functional for their growing family....
See How to Make a Scandi-Style Beaded Star
Sophie Sarfati | December 19, 2014 4
A white beaded star ornament looks elegant hung on a wall or tree, or attached to a gift in place of a bow. And it’s fun to make with materials from the craft or hobby shop. Here’s how.