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Kate Bryant
August 21, 2014 8
While commonly seen in the Pacific Northwest, western sword fern (Polystichum munitum) is nevertheless one of the region’s most visually distinctive — even dramatic — native plants. Its dark green, prehistoric-looking fronds can reach nearly 5 feet in height and width, and it looks as striking rising...
So Your Style Is: Sci-Fi Past and Future
Mary Jo Bowling | August 21, 2014 6
For some, science fiction isn’t something to enjoy in books, movies, comics and video games — it is life at home sweet home. To these forward thinkers, the concepts of the future — time travel, spaceships, weird science and technology — are inspirations...
Room of the Day: A Stylish Mom Cave Inspires Creativity and Girl Time
Becky Harris | August 21, 2014 13
“This was the room that always had its door closed,” says interior designer Emily Griffin. After she had finished designing almost...
Houzz Products: Deck Out That Dorm Room
Houzz | August 21, 2014 1
Back-to-school shopping is different for college students. They need more than a binder, pens and a fresh pair of blue jeans to kick off the year. That empty dorm room is awaiting a total makeover of sorts; it needs furniture, bedding, lighting, desk...
Gardening Solutions for Dry, Sandy Soils
Falon Mihalic | August 21, 2014 4
One of the benefits of gardening with sandy soil is that it’s easy to dig and till, making transplanting easy. However, dry, sandy soil does not hold nutrients or water well. It takes additions of compost,...
An Award-Winning Landscape Embraces Bay Views
Annie Thornton | August 21, 2014 13
Landscape architect Scott Lewis repeats the sentiments of many architects and designers talking about their projects when he says that his favorite part of this project was witnessing its transformation. “I know what it looked like before,” he says. The...
10 Recipes for Shabby Chic Style
Laura Gaskill | August 21, 2014 16
Vintage and antique finds; distressed, cracked and imperfect finishes; antique linens; sparkling chandeliers; and lots of white. Though certainly not for everyone, for those who love the style, Shabby Chic is utter...
10 Top Plants Native to the Desert Southwest
Noelle Johnson | August 20, 2014 6
The intense heat of summer and the cold winters of the Southwest are not for the faint of heart, and these native plants do more than just grow in the desert’s often unforgiving environment. They have special adaptations that allow them to thrive in...
Cool Color Palettes: Enviable Green and Blue Spaces
Jennifer Ott | August 20, 2014 14
We may be transitioning from summer to fall, but I’ve seen no let-up in the popularity of green and blue hues in homes. That’s because while they don’t scream autumn, they do form an excellent palette for those looking to inject color into a space...
Who Says a Dining Room Has to Be a Dining Room?
Becky Harris | August 20, 2014 24
Cathy Zaeske’s kids had moved on from their Lego blocks and taken up musical instruments, so it was time to get rid of the playroom that had taken over what had once been designated the dining area. Clearing things out gave her a good chance to rethink...
Folding Designs Make the Most of Your Space
Joanna Simmons | August 20, 2014 7
Remember folding tables? Many of us grew up with one in our homes. It had a simple design: Its two leaves could collapse down, leaving just a narrow central worktop, with legs neatly stowed beneath. When folded up, it left masses of space free, but could...
Give That Coffee Table an Extra Shot of Style
Catherine Funkhouser | August 20, 2014 12
I’m always looking for easy, budget-friendly ways to update my decor. Spaces can become stagnant if we don’t tweak them every so often. And my living room is certainly stagnating these days. I’ve had the same amber glass candlesticks and stack of...
Make a Cool Mail Organizer for Your Wall
Sarah Dorsey | August 20, 2014 7
We have a small, narrow entry in our home that seriously lacks storage. So having a designated place (off the floor, that is) where we can organize mail, receipts and other important papers is vital to helping that area stay clutter free. A few hooks...
Room of the Day: A Walk Through the Redwoods
Mary Jo Bowling | August 20, 2014 18
Anyone who has ever been hiking along the California coast on a foggy day knows that not all forests are the same color. The redwoods near the Pacific Ocean can be shrouded in mist, rendering their needles more muted gray than kelly green. It’s that...
Create a DIY Homework Station They’ll Really Use
Sarah Macklem | August 19, 2014 21
In our home the end of summer ushers in back-to-school time for our three children; it also marks the beginning of crazy sports schedules, homework sessions and other school projects. Needless to say, this is the time of year when I’m always looking...