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Mitchell Parker
October 31, 2014 2
Home sure is where the heart is — just not when people find themselves home alone. An empty house is where the spooky things are. That’s according to a recent Houzz survey, in which 77 percent of the 800 people who responded said they get spooked while home alone.
How to Dress Your Daybed
Laura Gaskill | October 31, 2014 4
A daybed is a wonderfully versatile piece of furniture, working equally well as a bed, a sofa, a napping spot or an extra seat. A daybed can also prove to be a bit confusing to dress — do you make it like a bed, get a special daybed cover or just throw...
Garden Myths to Debunk as You Dig This Fall and Rest Over Winter
Benjamin Vogt | October 31, 2014 6
So much garden advice has become folklore, tales of experiences that haven’t been thoroughly tested but are taken as truth. A lot of the time these myths involve us humans overthinking and overgardening; sometimes the simplest solution (even the lazier...
Size Up the Right Area Rug for Your Room
Luisa Volpato | October 31, 2014 4
One of the main purposes of a rug is to help define a space. When choosing one, you’ll be considering the floor space you have, what furniture you want on and around it and the connection and balance between the two. Some typical rug sizes are: 4 by...
Kitchen of the Week: Bold Green and User Friendly in Connecticut
Jeannie Matteucci | October 31, 2014 6
Soon after David Behrends and Alejandra Holway bought their contemporary Stamford, Connecticut, home in 2010, Hurricane Irene battered through the area, sending water into their walls. A major renovation was in order, and the couple decided to update...
The Latest Designer Pumpkins to Haunt Your Halloween
Molly Brandenburg | October 31, 2014 34
Come autumn, the days grow shorter, the nights grow longer, and on All Hallow’s Eve, the lowly squash transforms into a thing of eerie beauty: the jack-o’-lantern. A lone candle in a plain orange pumpkin not spooky enough for you? Try mixing in a...
My Houzz: Living a Simpler Life in Ohio
Adrienne DeRosa | October 30, 2014 19
With two sons and a daughter in college, many people might be tempted to trade in the family home for a smaller version. But John and Sherri Bryan loved their longtime home on the bank of a small lake. So after their last child moved out, the two opted...
Making a Home Away From Home
Laura Gaskill | October 30, 2014 14
If you’ve ever made a big move, whether to a different state or a different country, you are probably familiar with that uprooted feeling that comes along with leaving everything known for something different and new. It can be exciting but also...
Room of the Day: Moroccan Tile Inspires a Guest Bathroom Design
Becky Harris | October 30, 2014 8
“Just have fun with it.” That was the main instruction this bachelor gave interior designer Jennifer Prugh Visosky for the guest bathroom in his ski house. While his tastes...
Houzz Tour: Meet the Schoolhouse Saved By ‘The Birds’
Mary Jo Bowling | October 30, 2014 16
The frightening movie scene is familiar to people around the world: After a string of strange and increasingly violent bird attacks, Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) goes to the local school to fetch Cathy (Veronica Cartwright), the young sister...
Decorate the Landscape With Versatile Agave
Noelle Johnson | October 30, 2014 7
Agave have a long history of being used as an accent plant in the landscape, where they attract attention wherever they are planted. With their succulent leaves reaching up toward the sky, agaves add a great spiky texture to the landscape. The ability...
Bright Idea: A Fun Shade of Red for a Sunny Playroom
Mitchell Parker | October 30, 2014 4
Chris and Alana Chernecki knew they were going to transform a sunroom into a playroom for their three young girls when they moved into their big bungalow near Winnipeg, in the Canadian province of Manitoba, last May. Alana, a former kindergarten...
Shop Houzz: Scary Good Style
Houzz | October 30, 2014 7
Owls, black cats and spiders are usually the stuff of superstition, but not when it comes to design. Fearless designers have taken these symbols that some consider scary and turned them into desirable motifs. The Houzz Marketplace is full of decor...
All the Possibilities: 4 Homes at the Edge of the Earth
Eric Reinholdt | October 29, 2014 22
When confronted with a design brief and an undeveloped site, architects often look to the edges of that site for inspiration and meaningful architectural solutions. These boundaries, both real and imagined, are exciting places in which to build....
Simple Pleasures: Your Home Is Your Château
Laura Gaskill | October 29, 2014 27
Savoring a good life should start at home, but it’s easy to get stuck in the trap of thinking our homes are not grand enough, clean enough or beautiful enough to celebrate them as they are. In her recently published book, At...