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Marianne Lipanovich
September 18, 2014 46
One of autumn's joys is watching the leaves on the trees change color; look at the enduring popularity of day trips (or even longer excursions) just to enjoy this phenomenon. If you're lucky, you can enjoy the show at home thanks to the trees that are already planted. If you think a little more color is needed in your...
Rise and Shine: Beds That Favor Your Creative Side
Joanna Tovia | September 17, 2014 5
Unless you’re giving guests the grand tour, your bedroom tends to be off-limits to anyone but you and your other half (and pets and children, if they’re lucky). So why not throw caution to the wind and make a statement about who you really are behind...
Houzz Tour: Bright and Light, With a California Beach Vibe
Natalie Wain | September 17, 2014 12
“The moment I stepped through the door, I had that feeling, and I knew I had to have it!” says Gabriel Holland, recalling the moment she viewed her home in Bridport, England, for the first time. It was, she says, dark, dingy and stuck in a 1970s avocado...
Great Design Plant: Violet Silverleaf Thrives on Scant Water
Noelle Johnson | September 17, 2014 1
The gray foliage of violet silverleaf provides a perfect color contrast to green shrubs seen throughout the Southwestern landscape. This drought-tolerant shrub is transformed with the appearance of violet flowers sporadically throughout the summer and...
Mix and Match Kitchen Materials for a Knockout Design
Yanic Simard | September 17, 2014 6
The kitchen is all about mixing and matching. Experienced chefs often love to break away from that ho-hum recipe mold and create something new with a dash of unexpected flavor. Achieving this in your kitchen design is possible in many ways. Here are some...
Room of the Day: Just Right for 2 and a Crowd
Becky Harris | September 17, 2014 10
This townhouse, on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, is the result of some magical design kismet. “About two years before we started this project, one of the homeowners and I took a home tour together,” says interior designer Jenni Leasia....
How Merlot Can You Go? 8 Enticing Ways With Wine-Inspired Hues
Jennifer Ott | September 17, 2014 3
Count me as a big fan of burgundy, whether I’m enjoying a glass of it with dinner or using it as an accent wall color. Decorating with shades of red wine can add drama, depth and a delicious cozy feeling to any room. But the hue can make a space appear...
Houzz Tour: A Modern Take on a Traditional Texas Farmhouse
Mitchell Parker | September 17, 2014 11
Constraints often dictate design. Sometimes they’re difficult to work around, and sometimes they make an architect’s work just a little easier. The latter was the case for Patrick Ousey of FAB...
Houzz Tour: A Home Designed to Make Work a Pleasure
Joanna Tovia | September 16, 2014 24
If you’re going to work from home, you want it to be a home in which you like working, and that’s exactly what these homeowners set out to create when they embarked on building their house in far northeastern New South Wales, Australia. With help...
Budget Decorator: 12 Ways to Perk Up Your Home for Fall
Laura Gaskill | September 16, 2014 32
With the crisp fall air comes a natural desire to cozy up at home with warm drinks, fluffy throws and the glow of candlelight. It’s also a time of year when you might want to entertain more. By making a few smart purchases and, if you’re feeling crafty,...
Sound Advice for Designing a Home Music Studio
Eric Reinholdt | September 16, 2014 11
Most musicians will admit to sharing a single core skill necessary for mastering their instrument: control. When it comes to designing spaces for practicing, performing, recording or just jamming, control is equally important to acousticians and architects....
Houzz Tour: Room for Fun in a Sophisticated Family Home
Natalie Wain | September 16, 2014 21
When Sacha Berger and her husband decided to redesign their home, in London’s Queen’s Park, they were determined that it would reflect their eclectic personalities. Berger, who runs her own vintage...
First Things First: How to Prioritize Home Projects
Alison Hodgson | September 16, 2014 48
I recently received a desperate email from a friend. For a variety of reasons, school and work related, she and her husband and two little boys had been bumping around the globe for years. They had just moved back to the States and bought their first...
Great Design Plant: Sensitive Fern Shows Its Strengths
Jay Sifford | September 16, 2014 10
Ferns elicit primal human emotions, which is why many gardeners, including myself, are drawn to them. They mentally transport us to another place and time. Just five minutes in my fern garden can be the antidote to one of my busy and stressful days, and...
Room of the Day: A Great Room in a Former Church
Mitchell Parker | September 16, 2014 35
In the early 1930s, the story goes, residents of Tamalpais Valley, in the city of Mill Valley, California, got together to hand build a new one-room nondenominational church. The Methodist Church bought the building and expanded it to include...