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Mitchell Parker
October 30, 2014
Chris and Alana Chernecki knew they were going to transform a sunroom into a playroom for their three young girls when they moved into their big bungalow near Winnipeg, in the Canadian province of Manitoba, last May. Alana, a former kindergarten teacher who’s now a stay-at-home mom, envisioned a bright, fun space...
Shop Houzz: Scary Good Style
Houzz | October 30, 2014 1
Owls, black cats and spiders are usually the stuff of superstition, but not when it comes to design. Fearless designers have taken these symbols that some consider scary and turned them into desirable motifs. The Houzz Marketplace is full of decor...
All the Possibilities: 4 Homes at the Edge of the Earth
Eric Reinholdt | October 29, 2014 15
When confronted with a design brief and an undeveloped site, architects often look to the edges of that site for inspiration and meaningful architectural solutions. These boundaries, both real and imagined, are exciting places in which to build....
Simple Pleasures: Your Home Is Your Château
Laura Gaskill | October 29, 2014 21
Savoring a good life should start at home, but it’s easy to get stuck in the trap of thinking our homes are not grand enough, clean enough or beautiful enough to celebrate them as they are. In her recently published book, At...
The Beauty of Bare-Root Plants
Marianne Lipanovich | October 29, 2014
Bare-root plants aren’t ever going to make the cover of a magazine. You won’t see glamorous models posing beside them, nor will they make headlines as the “next new thing.” But for gardeners in the know, these dormant plants have a beauty all...
Add Gorgeous Sparkle With Rock Quartz Crystal
Melisa Bleasdale | October 29, 2014 10
Though it’s the most common mineral found on Earth, there is something about crystal in its raw state that is so luxurious. Whether this semiprecious gem is hanging from a chandelier, decorating a mantel or taking a table...
What’s the Right Way to Hang Roller Shades?
Mitchell Parker | October 29, 2014 19
While hanging toilet paper over or under will always be a matter of personal preference, plenty of practical reasons contribute to the ways to...
Room of the Day: Something for Everyone in a Seattle Family Room
Becky Harris | October 29, 2014 21
Long commutes to Seattle were eating up time that the members of this family of four would have preferred to spend together. So they made a life-changing decision to trade home size for location, moving to a much smaller house in a walkable neighborhood...
Guest Picks: Dining Chairs in Every Color of the Rainbow
Chris Loves Julia | October 29, 2014 5
We’re coming up on the biggest dining time of the year — hey, Thanksgiving! — and as much as Chris and I are looking to spice up our stuffing recipes, our dining room setting could use some spice as well. Using colorful chairs is such an easy and...
Brilliant Scenes of Fall Color Indoors and Out
Annie Thornton | October 28, 2014 82
Last week we asked for your best photos of fall color. With designers, photographers and home gardeners chiming in from across the U.S. and around the world, we were awestruck by the leaves, flowers, lakes, trees and more...
Construction Contracts: What to Know About Estimates vs. Bids
Anne Higuera CGR, CAPS | October 28, 2014 4
When planning a home remodeling or new construction project, one of the first things homeowners usually want to know is how much the work will cost. Part of asking about cost is not just defining what the work will be but also knowing what form...
Your Pre-Entertaining Quick Cleanup Checklist
Laura Gaskill | October 28, 2014 37
In an ideal world, we would all have the time (and energy) to completely clean the house before a party. In the real world, it can be a struggle to get the shopping done and the family dressed, let alone do any sort of deep cleaning. For those times (which...
Houzz Tour: Victorian Home Takes On a Colorful Personality
Catherine Macaulay | October 28, 2014 51
Functionality was the priority for the family of five who moved into this Victorian home in Dublin, Ireland, so they brought in interior designer Eoin Lyons and architect John Kelly to help them make the most of the available space. “The house had been...
Geek Lab: How to Build a Steampunk Cat Transit System
Jillian Northrup | October 28, 2014 100
Cats are always looking for something to do. That’s why we developed the Steampunk Cat Transit System (CTS) for a private residence in San Francisco. The homeowners spend...
Room of the Day: Storage Attic Now an Uplifting Master Suite
Mitchell Parker | October 28, 2014 53
As far as cramped situations go, sharing a bathroom with two teenagers has to rank at the top. That was the situation this husband and wife were facing in their 100-year-old house in the historic Irvington neighborhood of Portland,...