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Frank Organ
August 23, 2014 2
Stone has always been a cost-effective hardscape material for all garden styles. In gravel form it has been used in landscapes from the raked Zen gardens of Japan to the driveways of English landscape gardens, and...
Objects of Desire: File These Secretary Desks Under ‘Gorgeous’
Christine Tusher | August 23, 2014 4
When I think of a secretary desk, I think of my dad’s home office while I was growing up. When my dad needed to work, his antique mahogany secretary became an elegant place from which to telecommute. But when my parents entertained, it was closed to...
20 Favorite Flowers for the Fall Landscape
Marianne Lipanovich | August 23, 2014 20
Gardeners tend to get excited about spring, looking forward to trying out new plants and maybe even making a big move and changing their landscapes. And in summer there’s the joy of the garden in full bloom, and most fruit trees and vegetable gardens...
My Houzz: Garage Sale Meets Glam in Ohio
Adrienne DeRosa | August 23, 2014 10
The Ohio home that Jennifer Harrison-Ciacchi and her husband, Raymond Ciacchi, built has seen many changes over the years, but through all the transformations and the raising of five children here, Harrison-Ciacchi has stayed with her mantra of keeping...
10 Secrets to a Neat Living Room
Laura Gaskill | August 23, 2014 8
It’s where you hang out, flop down, decompress. It’s also probably where you read, play, craft, watch movies and entertain. With so much going on, it’s no wonder it can be difficult to keep the living room looking (and feeling) neat. And other than...
You Said It: ‘They Did Not Have a Throwaway Mentality’ and More
Becky Harris | August 22, 2014
This week on Houzz, contributors helped parents prep for back-to-school time, showing how to set up homework stations and home offices as summer winds down. Style-wise there was a little something for everyone, whether it was farmhouse modern, Shabby...
My Houzz: Color and Fun Behind a Victorian Facade
Andrew Snow | August 22, 2014 14
After living in a loft on the east side of Toronto for a number of years, Andrea Van Leeuwen and Daniel Habashi were eager to move back west to be closer to friends and family. They came out on top in a bidding war for an 1880s Victorian townhouse in...
Smart Plantings Grace a Hillside Garden
Bonnie Monte | August 22, 2014 9
Most of landscape architect Pete Pedersen’s projects aren’t eight years in the making — but then again, they’re not his own family’s property. This one is. Starting with a blank hillside, Pedersen designed a lush, inviting landscape that...
Kitchen of the Week: Industrial Design’s Softer Side
Joanna Simmons | August 22, 2014 17
The style was pretty well set when kitchen designer Jane Powell created this kitchen for Phoebe and Nick Bryans and their three kids. “Phoebe had a clear vision of what she wanted, which was design-led with a slightly industrial feel, using stainless...
Room of the Day: Nautical Chic Brings the Cozy to a Family Room
Becky Harris | August 22, 2014 8
This long, narrow room in a historic home once belonging to a sea captain needed to work extra hard. Interior designer Jocelyn Chiappone of Digs Design Company was hired to create...
Guest Picks: Crazy for Cobalt
It’s bold and bright, fun and festive. From accessories and accents to furniture and lighting, cobalt makes a statement wherever it goes! Here is a lineup of our favorite pieces to infuse any room with one of this season’s hottest shades. —...
Cool-Season Vegetables: How to Grow Beets
Marianne Lipanovich | August 22, 2014 11
If you know only canned beets, then beets from the fall or spring garden will be a surprise. First, they come in different shapes, from round to more oblong, and an array of colors. There’s the traditional deep red, but you can also find yellow, gold,...
Great Design Plant: Western Sword Fern Adds Prehistoric Drama
Kate Bryant | August 21, 2014 11
While commonly seen in the Pacific Northwest, western sword fern (Polystichum munitum) is nevertheless one of the region’s most visually distinctive — even dramatic — native plants. Its dark green, prehistoric-looking fronds can reach...
So Your Style Is: Sci-Fi Past and Future
Mary Jo Bowling | August 21, 2014 15
For some, science fiction isn’t something to enjoy in books, movies, comics and video games — it is life at home sweet home. To these forward thinkers, the concepts of the future — time travel, spaceships, weird science and technology — are inspirations...
Room of the Day: A Stylish Mom Cave Inspires Creativity and Girl Time
Becky Harris | August 21, 2014 26
“This was the room that always had its door closed,” says interior designer Emily Griffin. After she had finished designing almost...