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Mary Jo Bowling
November 26, 2014 12
Recently we asked Houzz readers to chime in with their most memorable Thanksgiving missteps. More than 200 brave souls stepped up to the plate. Apparently, making Thanksgiving dinner in a new home, while pregnant...
Room of the Day: Awkward Attic Becomes a Happy Nest
Becky Harris | November 26, 2014 13
In this attic renovation, it was all about the angles. Awkward roofline angles, so often found with attic walls and ceilings, can be made cozy and light with the right approach. In turning this attic into a master bedroom, interior designer Sarah...
Geek Lab: How to Make an Interactive Steampunk Gear Wall
Jillian Northrup | November 26, 2014 4
We recently made a large interactive gear display for the Hattiesburg Zoo in Mississippi, and boy, did the adults enjoy it too. And why not? Watching...
Shop Houzz: Host a Dazzling Dessert Party
Houzz | November 26, 2014
The holidays sure can be hectic, so why not skip the work of a dinner party and focus on the best part of the meal: dessert? It’s easy to host a dessert party where your table looks as delectable as the treats. You’ll be all set with tips from the...
Houzz Tour: Traditional Shingle With a Modern Soul
Becky Harris | November 26, 2014 9
When a couple starting their family decided to build a home, they wanted everything new and fresh for the next exciting chapter in their lives — raising children. Their new home has a traditional shingle-style exterior out of respect to the historic...
Living Room Meets Dining Room: The New Way to Eat In
Yanic Simard | November 26, 2014 6
The dining room is usually the first thing to go when shrinking a space plan down to the modern compact size so often seen in condos, townhomes and other smaller dwellings. Faced with fitting your life into less square footage, how do you still fit in...
Great Design Plant: Chamaecyparis Nootkatensis
Jay Sifford | November 26, 2014 6
Conifers are great additions to any garden where they will grow. They introduce elegance and structure to the landscape. When flowering perennials are done and have disappeared for the season, these stalwart workhorses mind the garden until spring. Certain...
Make Your Own Mini Advent Village
Amy Webster | November 25, 2014 7
As the big day approaches, what could be sweeter than opening up a little treat-filled Advent house each morning? Follow this step-by-step guide to create a unique village that will keep the little ones — and not-so-little ones — entertained on the...
Design Workshop: 10 Reasons to Put Craft Into Modern Architecture
Eric Reinholdt | November 25, 2014 13
We live in a machined world, and consequently we have high expectations for perfection and quality in everything we own. You’re likely within arm’s reach of a beautifully designed, highly machined piece of technology — like the one you’re using...
Houzz Tour: Diverse Styles Create an Eclectic Family Home
Karen Egly-Thompson | November 25, 2014 18
These homeowners had an enormous garage that formed the entire first floor of their home but was accessible only by going outside their house. Awkward, too big and underused, the garage was wasted space with great possibilities....
Room of the Day: Laundry Room Goes to the Dogs
Mary Jo Bowling | November 25, 2014 17
Ken Perrin, owner of Artistic Renovations of Ohio, says he’s being asked more often to make accommodations for the furriest members of the family. “We aren’t...
Make a Natural and Wild Holiday Wreath
Rikki Snyder | November 25, 2014 2
Made with bark-covered wire, this curly willow-tip wreath is the perfect combination of rustic and wild style for the holiday season. In just 10 simple steps, you can create one yourself using pinecones, dried lotus pods and Hypericum berries as seasonal...
Kitchen Evolution: Work Zones Replace the Triangle
Jennifer Ott | November 25, 2014 112
When I began studying kitchen design many (many!) years ago, I learned all about the much-venerated kitchen work triangle — in which the refrigerator, range...
9 Ways to Appreciate Your House Just as It Is
Laura Gaskill | November 24, 2014 126
Whether you've been letting your home improvement to-do list get the best of you, or are finding yourself comparing your real-world home to professionally styled and photographed ones, it's natural to get a little down on your home from time to time....