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Falon Mihalic
October 25, 2014 1
The late-winter blooms of Carolina jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens) herald the onset of spring in the south. Gelsemium sempervirens is a very common plant in gardens of the U.S. South, because it is a fragrant, native, evergreen climbing vine that’s easy to grow and manage. The flowers pop in an intense...
My Houzz: Family Home Stays True to Style
Nanette Wong | October 25, 2014
When stylist Janette Crawford became a new mother, she wanted to be sure that the arrival of her daughter didn’t mean the departure of good design in her home. To stay true to her design sensibilities, she took care with every purchase and style decision. Two...
Room of the Day: Eclectic and Casual in a Michigan Great Room
Mitchell Parker | October 25, 2014 7
“Casual” and “family” were the two keywords that drove the design of this great room in a new west Michigan home. The open floor plan allows the couple and their two young boys to be together even while doing different things, while...
Guest Picks: Embracing the Rich Colors of Fall
Darlene Weir | October 25, 2014
The colors I am crushing on this fall are chartreuse, aubergine, gold and brown. Each brings a rich autumnal glow into the home, and together they create a stunning color palette. I hope these products will inspire you to bring these colors into your...
You Said It: ‘Every Centimeter Counts’ and Other Houzz Quotables
Becky Harris | October 24, 2014 2
Houzzers, Halloween is a week away — have you bought the candy yet? I haven’t, because in spite of the fact that I make the tiniest hole in the bag, before the big night it all seems to fall out, unwrap itself and land in my belly somehow, and then...
Plant Your Steps for a Great Garden Look
Frank Organ | October 24, 2014 6
Steps may be the quickest way up or down garden slopes, but that doesn’t mean they have to be mundane or just about utility. Minimalist designs might call for clean outlines of pristine stone and concrete, but in some gardens, especially traditional...
Houzz Call: Have a Beautiful Small Bathroom? We Want to See It!
Mitchell Parker | October 24, 2014 123
We’ve offered plenty of professional advice on how to make the most of small full bathrooms, but now we want to hear from you. Have you designed a wonderful small bathroom this year?...
Guest Picks: How to Furnish a Gender-Neutral Nursery
adrianne lentine | October 24, 2014 6
Whether you choose to find out the gender of your baby or not, keeping the nursery on the gender-neutral side can be a nice idea. A light and airy design scheme for the major furniture pieces will allow you to add fun dashes of color with the accessories....
Houzz Tour: Midcentury Meets Mediterranean in California
Mary Jo Bowling | October 24, 2014 17
For many of us, personal style is not a one-note thing. It wasn’t for this couple, who love both classic Mediterranean style and a midcentury modern aesthetic....
Kitchen of the Week: A Fresh Take on Classic Shaker Style
Joanna Simmons | October 24, 2014 13
Having renovated and added on to their semidetached Victorian house in London, Johnny and Gillian Martin teamed up with Jamie Blake of Blakes London and set about designing their kitchen. The couple had two key considerations. The first was that they...
My Houzz: A Home Comes Alive With Day of the Dead Decor
Sarah Greenman | October 24, 2014 20
Melissa Love Tristan and her family go all out for Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. At the end of each October, their Dallas home is awash in paper flowers, skulls, skeletons, sugared treats and Halloween decor. Melissa was introduced...
Houzz Tour: A Studio Makes the Most of Every Inch
Joanna Simmons | October 23, 2014 20
Olga Alexeeva, of interior design firm Black and Milk Residential, likes a challenge, and when she was asked by a firm of developers to modernize a small studio flat in central London, that’s exactly what she got. “Not only was it tiny; it had not...
Great Design Plant: Small but Mighty Agave Victoria-Reginae
Noelle Johnson | October 23, 2014 2
Queen Victoria agave (Agave victoria-reginae) is highly prized by gardeners throughout the U.S. Southwest and beyond for its beauty as well as its small size. Named after Queen Victoria, this long-lived agave is known for its ability to...
A Place for Everything: Beautiful Ways to Style Your Table
Jude Loxley | October 23, 2014 17
For ages we have been coming together around a table to eat, drink and be merry. As our culture has evolved, so has the art of setting the table for entertaining. In the medieval times of kings, queens and knights, where someone sat in relation...
Farmhouse Style: Windmill Power Comes Around Again
Mary Jo Bowling | October 23, 2014 9
There is something powerful about the sight of a tall windmill. For many of us, the towering structures are as familiar as a red barn, a white farmhouse or a dirt road in the country. It’s an icon that is seemingly embedded in our DNA,...