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Benjamin Vogt
September 23, 2014 13
Out here on the prairie, trees are relegated to towns, cities and river bottoms. Stand upon a bluff overlooking the Missouri River valley in eastern Nebraska, and the tree color is stunning well into late October and early November. If you squint just hard enough and tip back some warm apple cider, you'd think it was New...
A Junk Room Gets a Crafty Makeover
Jenny Drew | September 23, 2014 4
While some of us may see underutilized space in the house as the perfect dumping ground for miscellaneous bits and bobs, others see it as an opportunity to create something useful, and this room is the perfect example. Beneath all the clutter...
Dream Spaces: Home Offices You’d Be Delighted to Work In
Kate McKee | September 23, 2014 6
With technology making the workplace more flexible than ever, more of us are working from home offices. This has its perks. You don’t have to struggle with parking or public transport, and you can have your lunch break whenever you want. The downside...
Great Design Plant: Purple Needle Grass, California’s State Grass
Debbie Ballentine | September 22, 2014 5
Selected as the official California state grass in 2004, purple needle grass (Stipa pulchra) has a tough constitution and showy awns, making this native bunchgrass an option for low-water home gardens and restoration projects...
We Can Dream: An Expansive Tennessee Farmhouse on 750 Acres
Mitchell Parker | September 22, 2014 27
There’s not much to Williamsport, Tennessee, in terms of restaurants, live music or storefronts. That’s all in Nashville, about an hour’s drive away. But what Williamsport lacks in nightlife, it more than makes up for in sheer beauty. Rolling...
Houzz Tour: Clever DIY Tricks Warm a Rustic Rental Cottage
Jenny Drew | September 22, 2014 12
This rustic worker’s cottage resides in the country suburb of Guildford, northeast of Perth, Australia. It was the perfect place for interior designer Nelly Reffet and her partner to rent while they started a family. When they moved out and into another...
Room of the Day: A Master Bath Embraces the River View
Becky Harris | September 22, 2014 8
Spectacular views of the St. Lawrence River and the compelling architecture of the home drove the design of this beautiful bathroom in Rockport, Ontario. “We built the scheme around the stone and the architecture,” says interior designer Julia...
5 Ways to Put Fall Leaves to Work in Your Garden
Therese Ciesinski | September 22, 2014 35
In fall my town holds leaf collection days, when homeowners (or their landscape services) blow or rake fallen leaves off their properties into big piles in the streets. Later a truck comes and vacuums them away. What I see being vacuumed up are dollar...
Once a Barren Rooftop, Now a Serene City Getaway
Bonnie Monte | September 22, 2014 13
A lush garden isn’t out of reach in the heart of New York City. Landscape designer Todd Haiman turned a barren rooftop into a serene escape, complete with a dining and grilling area, a daybed, an outdoor shower and plants galore. Careful planning made...
Not a Big Cook? These Fun Kitchen Ideas Are for You
Laura Gaskill | September 22, 2014 22
Kitchen design tends to be centered around the presumption that you will be spending loads of time in your kitchen cooking. Not so earth shattering, right? But the fact is, not everyone loves to cook. Not everyone could really use a supersize fridge,...
Houzz Tour: Nature and Efficiency Inspire a Woodland Home
Natalie Wain | September 21, 2014 10
When Clare and Jonathan Potter bought a piece of land in southeast England with a view to building their own home, they were determined to embrace sustainable living. The land is set amid 18 acres of glorious ancient woodland in the New Forest area, and...
Black, White and Gold Add Up to Bathroom Design Heaven
Karen Wilson | September 21, 2014 9
So you want all-out glamour, luxury and indulgence in your bathroom, but you don’t want it to look like the Palace of Versailles or the ladies’ powder room at Harrods? Getting the balance right without tipping over into kitsch can be tricky, but these...
How One Couple Got a Perfectly Intimate Backyard Wedding
Lauren Piasecki | September 21, 2014 24
Alissa Martin, owner of the clothing and shoe store Pavement, and Jeb Jungwirth, a psychologist, wanted their autumn nuptials to feel like the two of them just woke up that day and decided to have...
Window Wizardry: 7 Clever Approaches to Privacy
Rebecca Naughtin | September 21, 2014 8
Creating privacy while letting in light and views can be an issue for many suburban homes. We often see frosted windows or deliberate screens as the only method of dealing with the issue. Luckily, we now have design alternatives that not only offer...
Meet the Mighty Saguaro of the Desert Landscape
Karen Peterson | September 21, 2014 9
Every classic Western movie worth its salt lick had a saguaro cactus stuck somewhere in the landscape, out yonder or sometimes in town, and then it was usually plopped in front of the saloon. They’re an iconic image, these giant, multiarmed...