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Annie Thornton
January 25, 2015 14
Imagine the workshop a master craftsman would build for himself. “I knew if I built it using our standard methods, it would be $200,000, easy,” says John Zerrer, builder and owner...
Imagine the workshop a master craftsman would build for himself. “I knew if I built it using our standard methods, it would be $200,000, easy,” says John Zerrer, builder and owner...
Houzz Tour: ’50s Ranch Redo Could Be a Keeper
Becky Harris | January 25, 2015 15
Designer Ryan Brown has moved 20 times in the past 12 years. As a frequent house flipper (if he looks familiar, you may recognize him from Bravo’s show Flipping Out), he’d live in homes that were staged to perfection for a few months until...
How Thermal Mass Keeps You Warm and Cool
Liz Durnan | January 25, 2015 1
It’s been around since Roman times, so it’s not exactly new, but we hear the term “thermal mass” bandied around these days when we talk about passive solar design and sustainable homes. So what exactly does it mean? If you want to...
Historic Stone Barn Now a Country Farmhouse Kitchen
Joanna Simmons | January 25, 2015 7
Some barns are built in open country, surrounded by fields; others are situated next to a farmhouse so that valuable livestock or goods are close at hand. This 17th-century barn adjoins the home of Arran and Anna Stevens. Once the couple had renovated...
Shop Houzz: London Calling
Houzz | January 25, 2015 1
Each city has its own distinctive style and flavor. In her book Home Style by City, author Ida Magntorn shares how to create a London vibe with a home full...
Saying Goodbye to One Home and Hello to Another
Laura Gaskill | January 25, 2015 11
Leaving a home, especially one you’ve lived in for many years, can be hard — and so can getting settled into a new house that doesn’t really feel like home yet. Whether you are downsizing or moving into your dream home, these ideas should help ease...
Houzz Tour: Room for Everything in Just 596 Square Feet
Becky Harris | January 24, 2015 56
“He’s an entrepreneur, he’s a multiple Ironman competitor, he plays in a band and has about a million other activities going on, so he desperately needed an organized and efficient space that maximized every nook and cranny,” interior designer...
Orchids 101: Get Started Growing Orchids at Home
Marianne Lipanovich | January 24, 2015 45
Orchids were once special-occasion flowers, available only from a florist or a grower. Most people thought growing them required a greenhouse and an exceptionally green thumb. Today orchids retain their aristocratic allure, but they’re readily available....
We Can Dream: Lush Life on a Historic Normandy Estate
Christine Sanchez Gaspard | January 24, 2015 24
The Montperthuis estate in France’s Normandy region had a 15th-century manor and an 18th-century house — but no gardens. Its new owners, a young couple, asked Philippe Dubreuil to design landscaping that worked with the architecture of the buildings,...
DIY Tree Forts and Deck Bring Out the Neighborhood Kids
Mitchell Parker | January 24, 2015 21
While living in a small 1920s bungalow in downtown Orlando, Florida, with their son, this professional couple found out they were expecting another child. They left the downtown area in search of more space and lucked into a semisuburban home...
Shop Houzz: Valentine’s Gifts for Friends and Family
Houzz | January 24, 2015
Valentine’s Day isn’t just about roses and romance. Take the opportunity to show your family members and dearest friends how much they’re loved and admired with a thoughtful gift from the Houzz Shop they’ll cherish well past the day.
Houzz Tour: Refreshing Citrus Twist in a London Home
Catherine Macaulay | January 24, 2015 20
For a newly purchased home in a new London development, interior designer Bhavin Taylor wanted to bring color and character to the space through carefully chosen artwork and furniture. One of the benefits of the property’s being new was that no heavy...
How to Help Your Home Fit Into the Landscape
Jay Sifford | January 23, 2015 27
Winter’s cold, dreary days are the most splendid days for daydreaming. Many people find distraction and solace in planning outdoor projects that will commence with the warmer, kinder days of spring. Planning now will save precious time later, particularly...
You Said It: ‘Art Is a Lot Like Food’ and Other Houzz Quotables
Becky Harris | January 23, 2015 1
This week we checked out which photos excited Houzz users the most, did some trend spotting at one of the biggest furniture markets in the U.S., learned about the many features of a Hoosier cabinet and dreamed of sitting in a beautiful seaside spot. What...
8 Stress-Busting Tips for Hosting Small Gatherings
Laura Gaskill | January 23, 2015 38
Does the phrase “dinner party” strike fear into your heart as a host? If so, know that you’re not alone. While traditional dinner parties can be beautiful and rewarding, big, special-occasion affairs can also cause stress — and they’re not the...