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Becky Harris
March 29, 2015 7
Reclaimed wood has never been more popular, making its way from basement bars all the way up to elegant master bathrooms. Used on flooring, vanities, accent walls, mirror frames...
Reclaimed wood has never been more popular, making its way from basement bars all the way up to elegant master bathrooms. Used on flooring, vanities, accent walls, mirror frames...
Shop Houzz: The Hourglass — It’s Having a Moment
Houzz | March 29, 2015 2
A timepiece used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, the hourglass became a must-have for nautical navigation. The sinuous shape with the pinched middle may have even inspired fashionable women to wear corsets. Explore this ever-popular form that’s...
10 Fountains to Bring Your Garden to Life
Laura Gaskill | March 29, 2015 21
Fountains can provide a welcome screen from street noise, attract beautiful birds and butterflies, create a garden focal point and (most important) invite relaxation. Here are...
Celebrate Spring All Year With Florals in the Kitchen
Lara Sargent | March 29, 2015 8
Do you love florals? If you have floral-print bedding in the boudoir, trailing-flower wallpaper in the living room and even rosy blooms in the bathroom, why not go all the way and let flower power take root in the kitchen, too? You can be as daring or...
‘Wolf Hall’ Style: The Secrets of Tudor Architecture
Luisa Rollenhagen | March 29, 2015 12
Although style periods never have fixed beginnings and ends and tend to overlap with other movements, the Tudor period is generally agreed to have taken place between the late 15th century, with the accession of Henry VII to the throne in 1485, and the...
Houzz Tour: Light, Art and a Floating Bed in a Chic London Flat
Joanna Simmons | March 29, 2015 8
There are benefits to renting a home before you buy your own, including having the chance to work out what you like and don’t like, designwise. So it was for the owner of this two-bedroom apartment in London’s Notting Hill. “She had only rented...
How to Spruce Up Your Neutrals for Spring
Lara Sargent | March 28, 2015 17
So many of us couldn’t live without the classic, workable and fresh modern palette of neutrals. The easy-on-the-eye blend of white, cream, beige, stone and pebble colors is a fail-safe bet from the moment you step through the front door. But if the...
Reader Project: California Kitchen Joins the Dark Side
Mitchell Parker | March 28, 2015 79
For someone who once attended culinary school and enjoys cooking all kinds of cuisine, Ian White’s kitchen was the opposite of what you’d find inside a wannabe chef’s home. He had been in his Aliso Viejo, California, home for 16 years,...
Shop Houzz: It’s All Relative
Houzz | March 28, 2015 3
We all know Albert Einstein as the brilliant physicist behind the theories of relativity and the winner of a Nobel Prize. But he was also someone who loved bicycles, music and compasses. Pay homage to this singular genius who was born in March with this...
10 Ecofriendly Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Home
Luisa Rollenhagen | March 28, 2015 55
Chemical-based cleaning products have drawbacks: They’re pricey, they may trigger health issues and their manufacture, use and disposal can harm the environment. So if you’re approaching a spring cleaning of your home this year, why not consider these...
My Houzz: Country Cottage Chic in a London Suburb
Cate St Hill | March 28, 2015 18
After taking lessons in how to make curtains and Roman blinds, and sewing them for friends as a sideline to her full-time job as a real estate agent, Gemma Crauford turned her hand to furnishing her own home, a two-story terraced house on the leafy outskirts...
Houzz Tour: Desert Home Blurs Every Line Between Indoors and Out
Becky Harris | March 28, 2015 22
This house in the desert is not only a home but an art gallery and part-time concert hall for the couple who live in it. One of the homeowners is an amateur singer and a music aficionado, and the other is a watercolor artist. They wanted to live in a...
Breezy and Bug-Free Modern Porches
John Hill | March 28, 2015 82
When winter gives way to spring and warmer temperatures, it’s time to start thinking about what comes with those higher temperatures: bugs. As great as it is to be outside in the spring, summer and fall, it’s even better to have a place where one...
Single Design Moves to Update Your Bedroom
Abigail Owens | March 27, 2015 27
We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, so it’s natural that you might feel the urge to refresh yours from time to time, whether to incorporate a new trend or simply because you fancy a change. The good news is, updates don’t need to be big — the...