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Karen Egly-Thompson
September 14, 2014 9
Pegboard is already a familiar sight on garage and craft room walls for organizing hand tools and supplies. So why hasn’t this easily adaptable material made its way to the kitchen more often? Julia Child championed the use of pegboard in her own Cambridge, Massachusetts, kitchen decades ago. Her collection of pots...
Houzz Tour: Home Expansion Lets the Sunshine In
Joanna Simmons | September 14, 2014 7
From the outside this house in Dublin, Ireland, looks fairly standard — a modest family home built in the 1980s. Step inside, though, and you’ll find a modern, light-flooded space that is absolutely vast. “The extension at the back has more than...
Great Design Plant: Painter’s Palette Knotweed Adds Color in Shade
Karen Chapman | September 14, 2014 11
Sometimes you need something different to liven up the shade-garden tapestry of ferns, hostas and hellebores. Painter’s Palette knotweed (Persicaria virginiana ‘Painter’s Palette’) might be just the answer. This isn’t the highly invasive...
Houzz Tour: An Eclectic Ranch Revival in Washington, D.C.
Annie Thornton | September 14, 2014 26
David Benton and Dennis Kirk’s 1957 ranch home sits at the end of a quiet street in the Palisades neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Its simple exterior and familiar profile recall iconic American architecture, though humbler...
Grow a Beautiful Fall Garden in a Pot
Kim Gamel | September 14, 2014 15
I don’t know about you, but where I live (USDA zone 6) it’s been a long, hot, dry summer. With triple-digit temperatures for most of the summer, my containers look worse for the...
8 Ways to Get a Handle on the Junk Drawer
Laura Gaskill | September 14, 2014 11
Junk drawers get a bad rap, and while it is (mostly) well deserved, there is a way to get that beast sorted and organized once and for all. From creating categories to making smart choices about what goes in and what stays out, these eight tips can help...
Houzz Tour: Southern Charm in the California Wine Country
Mary Jo Bowling | September 13, 2014 36
After work had sent them around the globe, the owners of this California wine country house wanted to put down roots in their retirement. They turned to their vacation house, which had served as a constant during years of relocations. It was a turn-of-the-20th-century...
Houzz Tour: Simplicity a Virtue in an English Country Cottage
Natalie Wain | September 13, 2014 32
When interior designer Nicola O’Mara and her partner, John Merriman, from Inspired Design, bought a 19th-century cottage, they knew it would require some attention. After one...
9 Questions to Ask a Home Remodeler Before You Meet
Anne Higuera CGR, CAPS | September 13, 2014 15
As professional home remodelers and builders, the people at our firm field many phone calls from potential clients. One of the first things that many people ask us is when we can set up an in-person meeting. But meeting in person about a...
12 Ways to Get a Luxe Bathroom Look for Less
Shana Ecker | September 13, 2014 80
Although we all love to drool over images of gorgeous designer bathrooms, we may not have the budget to go all-out when the time comes to spruce up our own washrooms. But that doesn’t mean your remodel has to be generic and uninspired. There...
Great Garden Combo: A Fall Landscape Scene That Lasts
Karen Chapman | September 13, 2014 37
Fall is one of the most exciting seasons in the garden, when we can take advantage of the many fall foliage superstars to create a framework for late-blooming perennials. Rather than thinking in terms of selecting a favorite flower or two, create a colorful...
What Is Organic Architecture, Anyway?
Andrew Boyne | September 12, 2014 2
We know that our environments affect our moods, and that buildings play a major role in that, but how can we change the way we build our homes to help improve our sense of well-being? There is growing evidence that suggests being cooped up in...
Garden-Friendly Native Alternatives to Overplanted Exotics
Benjamin Vogt | September 12, 2014 17
When we drive through most towns in America, past businesses and through housing subdivisions, we’re likely to see similar plants from landscape to landscape. I’m not sure if contractors just love their trusted standbys, or if homeowners like the...
You Said It: ‘Put It Back’ If It Won’t Help Your House, and More Wisdom
Becky Harris | September 12, 2014 8
We hit a major milestone this week on Houzz, which I’ll get to in a second. We also refused to give up the gardening until spring, offering insight on how to gather seeds, getting to know new fall bulbs and how to add a little mystery to our gardens....
Does Your Landscape Need a Little ‘Cosmic Latte’?
Frank Organ | September 12, 2014 21
A neutral color palette creates a calm and stylish environment in our homes and provides a harmonious backdrop for furniture and decorations. Can the neutrality of beige and its various cousins do the same in garden design, allowing us to create a compelling...