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Becky Harris
July 24, 2014 2
I’m not sure if Lee Iacocca sent him, but architect Karl Wanaselja spent countless hours searching car junkyards for America’s best-selling Dodge Caravan minivan. Fascinated by finding ways to use junked car parts in architectural designs for more than a dozen years, he got a good system down while searching for parts...
How to Avoid Paying Too Much for a House
Christine Tusher | July 24, 2014 1
The postrecession real estate market can be a confusing market to buy a house in — especially if it’s your first one. In some regions low inventory has provoked heated bidding wars reminiscent of the heady days of the mid-2000s. In others the...
Know Your Sofa Options: Arms, Cushions, Backs and Bases
Mike Dietrich | July 24, 2014
You’ve decided it’s time for a new sofa, and so off you go to the furniture store, only to be confronted by a confounding array of choices. You probably knew there would be lots of fabrics to choose from, but perhaps you didn’t realize there would...
My Houzz: Cool, Creative Midcentury Style
Kimberley Bryan | July 24, 2014 6
“Our home is a personal extension of how we appreciate art,” says Jose Gomez. “The whole thing is one big art project.” Jose and his wife, Danielle, are founders and owners of the creative production company Shilo....
The Secret to the Perfect Throw Blanket: Watch Your Tone
Christine Tusher | July 24, 2014 3
I like to think of the throw as an adult security blanket. Whether we’re a teeny bit cold or just trying to get cozy, there’s something about curling up with a snuggly-soft throw blanket that makes us feel safe and secure. The neat trick of...
Finding the Perfect Home for a New House
Falon Mihalic | July 24, 2014 7
There are many things to consider when embarking on the construction of a new home. Great featured ideabooks abound on Houzz containing tips and useful information about building a new home. This ideabook presents advice from the point of view of the...
Houzz Tour: A Wee Home Grows in a Scottish Garden
Joanna Simmons | July 24, 2014 21
Following the success of a project making sustainable garden furniture using a young, local workforce, home builder Jennifer Hope was keen to expand the concept. “I wanted to build on the idea of combining ecofriendly design with local skills,”...
Houzz Products: Bling for Your Bath
Houzz | July 24, 2014
You don’t have to be named Kim K. to love bling — everyone enjoys a little sparkle. What better place to add shiny metallics, glittering crystal and glitzy gold leaf than in the humble bathroom? The same rule for sparkling fashion applies in the bath:...
Great Design Plant: Try Penstemon Digitalis for Showy White Blooms
Heather Holm | July 23, 2014 4
If you are new to gardening with native plants and are looking for a good introductory plant to try, smooth beardtongue is an excellent choice. This Penstemon species will rival any cultivated ornamental with its large, white flowers; upright form; and...
How to Get Midcentury Modern Style Today
Laura Gaskill | July 23, 2014 6
Midcentury modern style has only continued to gain fans in recent years, and the trend shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. If you are drawn to midcentury...
9 Ways to Make Your Home Office Fabulous
Lara Sargent | July 23, 2014 7
There’s no rule that says your home office has to be a fun-free, functional space kitted out with a standard desk and run-of-the-mill swivel chair, and that’s your lot. In fact, how thoroughly rewarding would it be to head to work and step into a...
Walls Come a-Tumbling Down in a San Francisco Edwardian
Mary Jo Bowling | July 23, 2014 10
Remodels are like any other change; sometimes they happen quickly, sometimes over time. The remodel of this family home in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood took the slow route, with pieces coming together over a period of months....
Houzz Tour: A London Book Tower House Worth a Browse
Natalie Wain | July 23, 2014 12
Creating a versatile living space that included elegant book storage was the challenge facing Patrick Michell of Platform 5 Architects during the renovation of this Victorian house in London’s Hampstead area. The owners had seen the company’s...
Dish-Drying Racks That Don’t Hog Counter Space
Christine Tusher | July 23, 2014 24
Drying dishes can be a drag. So why not let Mother Nature do the work for you? A dish-drying rack can save time and doesn’t even need to take up counter space, so it can make your kitchen look cleaner, faster. Air drying may result in a...