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Mary Jo Bowling
April 20, 2014 4
The dream of a summer lake house seems to exist for a lot of us, perhaps planted by long-held family tradition, a beloved summer camp or nostalgic movies. The owner of this house on Lake Fairlee near Norwich, Vermont, had many great boyhood memories of hot summer days swimming in a lake — and maybe that’s why he bought...
Must-Have Book: ‘A Field Guide to American Houses’
Steven Randel | April 20, 2014 6
In the spring of 1984 I had just returned to my native Texas from a semester of study abroad. I had spent the previous four months living in the scenic Chianti countryside near Florence and traveling to numerous breathtaking Italian landmarks. I had seen...
My Houzz: Finding Beauty in the Everyday
Jenn Hannotte | April 20, 2014 12
Peter Andrew’s approach to photography isn’t much different from his approach to renovating and decorating. “Photography for me is the process of turning ordinary or overlooked things into something that...
Liberate Your Chandelier
Becky Dietrich | April 20, 2014 14
Chandeliers have been around since medieval times, but we’ve never grown tired of their wonderful combination of usefulness and beauty. Traditionally they have been used in dining rooms, foyers and grand ballrooms — but gone are the days when they...
8 Kitchen Design Tips for Foodies
Christine Tusher | April 20, 2014 13
I cut my culinary teeth in a tiny apartment where a janky oven meant that cookies took twice as long to bake, and seared scallops nearly sent dinner guests home with smoke inhalation. The upside of all that making-do meant I knew exactly what I...
Guest Picks: Loving Linen All Over the Home
Anita Joyce | April 20, 2014 16
As a child, I always loved natural fibers. I would often excitedly show my mother a dress or top I wanted that was made from linen or cotton. As soon as her eyes locked on the label with the dreaded words “iron after washing,” she would grab my...
The Enduring Appeal of the Egg Basket
Mary Jo Bowling | April 19, 2014 13
On Easter Sunday candy-colored baskets will be out in full force. But as anyone who raises chickens knows, these are the distant, tarted-up cousins of the real egg baskets — the sort that people use for daily egg gathering. Vintage egg...
6 Ways to Harmonize Different Home and Garden Styles
June Scott | April 19, 2014 7
Eclecticism in designing a garden is trickier than it seems. Combine several styles or elements together, and the risk of nothing standing out is great — as is the risk for, well, a cacophonous mess. But what if your house is one style, and...
You Said It: ‘Photovoltawhata?’ and More Houzz Quotables
Becky Harris | April 19, 2014 6
This week on Houzz, an underlying theme stood out: how to make major lifestyle changes via your home. Sometimes the changes were born from how people reacted to disasters. Others were from conscious changes to lessen carbon footprints. A tornado forced...
Budget Bathroom Beautifiers
Christine Tusher | April 19, 2014 14
The bathroom is perhaps one of the most important rooms in the house, but it never seems to get the respect it deserves. We spatter it with mud after rainstorms and leave heaps of wet towels on its forgiving floor. It’s time we give the bathroom...
Guest Picks: Egg Platters to Keep Those Devils in Their Place
Meaghan Mountford | April 19, 2014 8
My 6-year-old dragged me to a paint-your-own-pottery shop recently. I hadn’t painted my own pottery in 15 years; the last time was back when I used to manage a similar shop. It was like returning to the street you used to live on. It just felt as though...
Houzz Tour: A Metaphor and 18 Bikes Inspire a Modern House
Mitchell Parker | April 19, 2014 30
Can a house convey human feeling through its design? Architect Lisa Chadbourne thinks so. Her Seattle firm makes a point to get to know clients to create a home that’s not only functional, but also expresses a more personal, albeit abstract, representation...
16 Creative Ways to Hide Easter Eggs
Shawn Gauthier | April 19, 2014 12
The countdown is on to Easter, and it’s time to lay down a strategy for the annual egg hunt. Instead of hitting up the usual hiding places — behind the throw pillows, under the couch — have a little fun this year by stashing the eggs in unexpected...