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I’d like to explain how to make a real mobile. By a “real” mobile, I mean one in which the balance of the different parts depends on those parts, which results in much more interesting...
I’d like to explain how to make a real mobile. By a “real” mobile, I mean one in which the balance of the different parts depends on those parts, which results in much more interesting...
Light Up Winter With DIY Scented Soy Candles
Do you appreciate a handmade gift over a store-bought item? I do. It takes time, energy and thought to tailor a gift to a recipient’s personality. And the perfect handmade gift, for yourself and others, is these scented soy candles.
DIY Placemats Inspired by Nature
Fallen leaves and feasts are two highlights of the fall and winter seasons. Combine these joys in simple one-of-a-kind placemats you can make yourself.
DIY Project: How to Make a ‘Kokedama’ String Garden
The first time I saw a wonderful display of kokedama, a variation of Japanese bonsai, hanging against a stark white wall, I never imagined how easy it would be to create this plant-and-string look. “Kokedama” means “moss ball” in Japanese;...
Create a Pretty Jewelry Stand From Vintage China
A few years ago, I inherited a collection of my grandmother’s china that I simply couldn’t part with. Every visit to her house had consisted of cups of tea, a slice of jam-oozing sponge cake with generous dollops of cream, remarks on the escalating...
The Easiest, Most Versatile Cake Stand You'll Ever Make
Why should cake have all the fun? Cake stands can display many other foods, such as fruits, cookies, candy and cupcakes, serving as great centerpieces and dishes for your parties. So whether you're hosting a holiday buffet, birthday party or baby shower,...
From the Pros: How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets
The right cabinet color can transform your kitchen or bathroom's look. And because replacing cabinetry can be expensive, a fresh paint color could be the best bet for your budget. But before you start in on this seemingly simple DIY, keep a key point...
20 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have
If you love tools or just need to stock a basic toolbox, here are the top 20 necessary items to get your small project done. How many do you have? Related: 14...
See a Complete Kitchen Remodel for $11,000
Norma Rushton and her partner, Randy Dyke, really wanted a waterfront property in the Vancouver area but were quickly priced out of most places. When they lucked into a mobile home on the Stave River about an hour east of downtown Vancouver,...
8 Wonderful Winter Hobbies to Nurture at Home
Winter naturally draws us closer to home, providing the perfect excuse to experiment with new crafts and skills. Whether you already have a hobby that you'd love to make more time for or are looking to learn something new, let these eight ideas spark...
DIY: Freshen Up for the New Year With a Eucalyptus Table Garland
With just a few plants and florist supplies, you can make a long-lasting table garland that’s fresh, simple and the perfect accent to help you ring in the new year. Sammy Go of Bud Botanical Banditry shows us how to create a stunning centerpiece for...
Last-Minute Christmas: 3 Easy DIY Gift and Wrapping Ideas
If you find yourself out of wrapping paper, need an activity for your kids, are looking for a last-minute gift for your neighbor or simply want to add a few handmade items to the gifts under your tree, here are three simple and cost-friendly ideas.
How to Make a Festive Paper-Cut Ornament
Create your own tree decoration this year with a design cut out of paper and tucked inside a clear glass ball. You could personalize it with a word, name or phrase, go simple or choose a more intricate design like the one below. This decoration is made...
See How to Make a Scandi-Style Beaded Star
A white beaded star ornament looks elegant hung on a wall or tree, or attached to a gift in place of a bow. And it’s fun to make with materials from the craft or hobby shop. Here’s how.
Gift Wrap Ideas That Add a Personal Touch
Have you ever received a gift so beautifully wrapped that you didn’t open it right away, but let it sit unopened so you could admire it a little longer? There is something heart warming about receiving a gift that has been wrapped creatively with extra...