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Fun Houzz 205 Ideabooks

Looking for more ways to bring the outdoors into your home? Artists Darius Kuzmickas and Abelardo Morell have you covered. They specialize in camera obscura, a centuries-old...
Incredible Home Catwalks Make for Purr-fectly Happy Felines
In 1988, when home builder Peter Cohen moved into his house in Goleta, California, two roaming outdoor cats came with the property. Shortly after he moved in, one was killed by a car and the other was hit by a car. This prompted Cohen to keep...
7 Ways Cats Help You Decorate
Cats are more than fuzzy companions who wake you up too early and hear the sound of a tuna can opening from 40 yards. They're also home decor! Here are just a few important elements cats bring to your interior design.
The Unicorn in the Bathtub — and Other Mind-Blowing Sights
Almost everybody has worn a costume at some point in their lives. For Halloween, a school play or just make-believe around the house. But for others, it's an every-weekend thing. For these costume enthusiasts, there are numerous communities....
Where Front Yards Collide: Property Lines in Pictures
We know our own properties. We labor over them, we clean them up and, if we have yards, we trim the hedges and plant the garden. We also know our neighbors’ properties. We jealously eye their manicured lawns or complain about them at the dinner...
Homes That Might Be Trying to Tell You Something
Remember the Virgin Mary in the grilled cheese? Or Mother Teresa in a cinnamon bun? And wasn’t there a Cheeto that looked like Abraham Lincoln? Or was that a McNugget? Anyway, humans see faces everywhere. It’s a phenomenon called pareidolia:...
You Won't Believe What These Homeowners Found in Their Walls
Old liquor bottles, a crazy clown head, racy photographs, classic baseball cards and, yes, even human skeletons. Houzz homeowners have found all sorts of kooky — and valuable — things during renovation projects. When general contractor David Gonzalez...
What Chihuahuas Can Teach Us About Interior Design
I have two Chihuahua mixes and, well, they rule. They fit in just about anywhere. And I do mean anywhere — in a purse, burrowed under the covers or curled up amazingly on the smallest pillow you've ever seen. But Chihuahuas have another hidden...
14 Things You Need to Start Doing Now for Your Spouse’s Sake
OK, nobody’s perfect. But seriously, you really need to start putting a new roll of toilet paper on the spindle when it’s out. And you definitely need to start closing the toilet lid, like, 10 years ago. Oh, and I’m pretty sure someone has...
The Brain of a Designer, in Diagrams
Admit it. You've always thought that designers were different than everyone else, haven't you? Maybe something about the way they see the world is slightly off? Perhaps it has something to do with the structure of their brains. Maybe. Let's find out.
Houzz Call: Show Us Your Summer-Loving Dog!
A great thing happens when you invite people to share stories and photos about their dogs. The outpouring of comments about their special bonds will make you sincerely laugh or seriously cry — or shake your head because you can recall a...
Abraham Lincoln Sat (and Flirted) Here
If this nearly 200-year-old sofa could talk, it would tell tales of political history, flowery poetry and stormy romance. It was literally the front seat during the courtship and wedding of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd, and the story of how it was restored...
Get in the Swing of Things With a Hanging Bed
Who hasn’t enjoyed a breezy summer nap on a porch swing or in a backyard hammock? If only you could re-create that feeling in your own bedroom. Well, it’s time to wake up to the suspended bed.