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So You Want to Get a Cat
"you're a cat lover, the joys outweigh any other issue. If you haven't lived with one... bringing a cat home. For example, whenever she has been house hunting, cat lover Patricia... because your cats use their garden as a toilet." But if you haven't had a cat before and... sure a cat is the right pet for you. "Are cats worth it? Well, of course," Pelgrims... Cats are great pets. They're independent but still loving and full of character...."
A Laundry Makes Room for a Diva Cat
"mistake, a cat lives here too — a fact made clear by the cutout in the cabinets below... beautiful cat too)....but personally I just don't like the idea of a cat in the house... Both the cat & the cat cutout in the doors are adorable, but I still think confined/lidded... never a cat person as a kid, but fell in love with a friends cat who would cuddle with... put my cat's litter box in my guest bathroom because the idea of cat poop beside my..."
Houzz Call: Send in the Design Cats
"of your cat at home, in the garden or with you in your studio. It could be published... their day. Cat lovers, it's your turn. We want to see your best photo of your cats at... know that cats help you decorate. Show us how they also make you laugh and help you... except the cat. In every single photo that had a cat, the cat was always on the heat... resist a cat wearing a hat! Our cats Stink (the black one) and Lily, who is enamoured..."
7 Ways Cats Help You Decorate
"Cats are more than fuzzy companions who wake you up too early and hear the sound... elements cats bring to your interior design.... added 6 cat trees), and will cat fur brush off easily...and/or show? Many cat boxes... rescue cats) Too funny. I don't have cats; I find dogs do much the same thing but... do cat rescue and have, ahem, 10 *cough* cats. Yeah, I know. Anyhoo- my point... airborne. Cats maintain patio furniture meticulously. I have a cat and this so true she..."
Houzz TV: Watch These Rescued Cats Make a House Their Playland
"lucky cats! Fun to be a cat in that house. I have a fear of cats pouncing on my... spaces, the cat freeway, the colors, the plants, and of course, the cats. My cats would... paradise for cats :) My sister Darlene loves cats too! She has 3 or 4 cats. She's in Chula... HOUSE! Cats included!!! Cat-cat city. love this these guys I would like... adore cats! They did a great job integrating the cat walks into the existing architecture..."
6 Reasons Every House Needs a Cat
"Cats can do more than help us decorate. They also teach us to save water, enjoy... Every cat lover has his or her own reasons for keeping at least one handy at home... of our cats! Cats also keep one from getting an over-inflated ego, cats see thru... rescued cats and three fabulous rescued dogs. My cats are house cats and don't kill... of my cat Fuzzie, the greatest cat hunger known to the world. Cat haters are not..."
Geek Lab: How to Build a Steampunk Cat Transit System
"Cats are always looking for something to do. That’s why we developed the Steampunk... Steampunk Cat Transit System (CTS) for a private residence in San Francisco. The homeowners... their cat is always in there too, and they wanted to offer some entertainment. It... to the cat lovers who created this cat transport system -- and what a cool name for... for his cats, but he is too busy right now dressing them up for Halloween. Cats and..."
Houzz Products: Create a Cat Heaven at Home
"and cozy cat beds, perches, trees and decor... lotus cat tree which my cat used to do his birdwatching from. There is a taller... My cat has had no interest in the cat beds I’ve bought him until I put one away... of my cat. I'm quite annoyed with our 2 cats. They completely ignore every toy or... designed for cats. How did I end up with such ungrateful monsters? And what cat could resist... become my cat's favorite napping spot! Ok I think cats would love any of these but I..."
If Cats Could Design
"what your cat might dream up as an architect or interior designer? Here's a peek... Cats may seem mysterious, but they're not so different from us. They just want a... a true cat hater. It's a fairy tale spread by those who hate cats. Dear Cat Hater:... inside cats all the time. We are building a cat room and a cat screened room for... family! My Cat prefers the Dora the Explorer chair at our house. Haha ! Cats ! If we..."
12 Stylish Solutions for Ugly Cat Furniture
"plagues all cat owners: "Does anyone know how to make a cat tree in the living room not... a new cat tree, but they are all so ugly and ruin the good look ... Any suggestions... think of cat trees, I think of depressing beige wall-to-wall carpet wrapped around poles... place. Cat lovers are finding or creating trees with much more style and creativity... link to a cat tree on their site."
Houzz Pets: 50 Cats Cozy Up at Home
"for your cat pictures, we received a slew of adorable felines that so desperately seemed... favorite cats at home around Houzz.... year old cat. wonderful cats:))) love the cats and the ideas for dealing with their... without a cat! Totally adorable! Made me smile much fun, thanks! Cats are SO... pictures. "Cats are People Too"! Cats are the ultimate accessory of style and sophistication... letting my cats look at houzz with me ;-) I loved this blog - I am a cat lover and would..."
Houzz Tour: For the Love of a Cat in Philadelphia
"their cat in mind, but they didn't want that to take away from their modern style... integrated cat-friendly fixes through simple furniture, built-in perches and subtle cat... Daniel and cat McQueen Location: Washington Square West, Philadelphia Size: 1,700 square... with a cat. Not what I would call cat friendly. Our cats would turn that into grey... promises ... cat friendliness via simple furniture, built-in cat perches, and innovation..."
Houzz Pets: Call for Cats in the Casa
"of Your Cat in Design for Our Next Pet Ideabook... Is your cat? If so, we want to see him or her. Upload pictures of your friendly feline... to the cats, of course. My favorite chair is now a cat bed. Links didn't work... daughter's cat. Andy, a sphynx cat, in his favorite spot at the end of our bed. Giovanni... was no cat fan, only a dog lover, and now.......cats are amazingly adorable & add... adorable :). #cat A house is not a home without a cat...!! Our old friend Ben at 20, disguised..."
Guest Picks: Everything Wants to Be a Cat
"let your cat-loving self run free... crazy cat lady, evidenced not by home decor, as I have little (if any?) cat-themed... with cat fur and had we not owned a cat with anxiety issues, we'd probably have... for your cat-loving pals. And I hope those who share this stigma of "the crazy cat lady"... love of cats seep into your walls and couch and shelves? I'm at risk of becoming a... love of cats. My family and I own three, and were I not at my limits of frustration..."
Room of the Day: The Cat in the Hat Inspires a Nursery Color Palette
"says The Cat in the Hat. A piece of Dr. Seuss’ artwork his grandmother gave to baby... get the Cat in the Hat picture? I bet it's worth a few bucks. hayley, I wish I knew... some good Cat and the Hat posters, prints and canvases, but not one like this. The... PhotographyThe Cat in the Hat inspired the blue and gray palette, but it did not turn the... in The Cat in the Hat artwork. “The framed items all have special meaning to my clients..."