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Houzz interview: Kim Johnson’s eclectic home
"have 6 cats and what I bring into my home needs to be cat-friendly, or that my house... with 6 cats was NOT a very smart move. The biggest renovation challenge you faced... coral 6 cats in my bedroom with me for 3 straight weeks while the contractor worked... for the cats, they don't scratch the furniture (generally). My sofa a year thing is... thinner cats love to be up high. And congrats vintagejones! This is hands down, the..."
Pro Chefs Dish on Kitchens: Paul Kahan Shows His Urban Sanctuary
"but the cat on the counter?! One reason why we don't have cats. It's lovely but unusual... over the cat thing pleeeeze? Most owners with cats are well aware of their climbing... about the cat on the counter? My cat gets on the counter too, but not while I am cooking... that many cats jump onto the counters when nobody is at home. Our previous cat did it... As a cat owner who doesn't "allow" my cats on the counter, I am fully aware that..."
How to Outsmart Backyard Critters
"garbage and cat food out of bounds. Other than that, we too are cheerfully resigned to... Our cat takes care of the small critters or scares them away. I wondered why,... night. Not cats, too big, so we've been thinking a skunk, but now from post, I'm thinking... like a cat. Clear anything that's overhanging your roof they can launch from, and... dogs and cats inside or on short leashes. On one of those 40-foot extendables the pooch..."
A Romp Through Pet-Friendly Materials
"destroyed by cat claws.....HELP!!!!! mfarhadi...there is no fabric cats can't destroy.... time. cats have taught me a lot about how to furnish. leather & cats do not... Yes, my cats have their claws, which I trim periodically. The cats occasionally scratch... Cat lover that I am, I have sworn off any more wool rugs! Yes, the ones I have look... you have cats. Their claws will scratch the leather. It is not so much them using..."
5 Pet Problems Solved by Design
"carpet-covered cat structures, and fur-covered cushions are just a few items on the list.... love that cat tower! i think my 22 pound behemouth of a cat would knocok it right over... how the cat boxes in bathrooms work out. What happens if the cat has to go and someone... least my cats) love to throw around??? I love the table dog crate. I'm a cat person... about the cats needing to go when the bathroom is closed. An adult cat can "hold it"..."
15 Outdoor Pet Projects You'll Lap Up
"indoor/outdoor cats inside. During the remodel of our new house, we installed a cat track... for the cats to escape the yard! It was a labor of love for our 4 cats, who have 24hr... for our cat. He is a former stray who was an indoor-outdoor cat when we lived in the... large cat condo and it had balls attached to 7 inch cords for the cats to play with... stumps, cat trees and pots of cat botanicals - its a really great hang out for them..."
The Great Kitchen Cabinet Cleanup
"footprints, cat hair and cat toys but you will never SEE a cat on the counter. I have... is the cat doing on the kitchen counter"? I could NEVER allow a cat anywhere... beautiful cat, though... Cat may be yukky to you, but how often to folks put grocery... than a cat. If I could not break my cat from jumping on the counters, it would become... outdoor cat. Did not mean to make the cat the issue, this was a great article and..."
Houzz Tour: Eclectic Global Style in a Swedish Village
"of six. Cat and James Brewis moved from London to Sweden more than 10 years ago and... " says Cat. "It had no competition on bidding! I hated the ugly house, but James saw... here: Cat Brewis and 4 sons; husband James currently lives and works in Indonesia... Brava, Cat! The house certainly isn't scruffy now. The word eclectic get overused... where did Cat get those awesome, blue suede shoes? Come to my house. It needs a lot..."
Nautilus Studio: Creative Living in 600 Square Feet
"their cat Gobi Location: Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, Washington Size: Ap... love the cat on the counter because that's what cats do and there is no reasoning with... feel. Cat on a kitchen counter for a photo shoot? Gag After living on a boat for... home with cats on the counter, it's appalling that you would take pictures of something... retract that cat photo and also to feature an artistic residence that doesn't involve clutter..."
Pet-Friendly Design: Making Room for the Dog Dish
"to see cat walks and cat enclosures featured for ideas for my 100% indoor cats This... dogs and cats, I think the third photo is "the cat's meow"! The fourth... have a cat and a dog. The dog will eat the cats food if she can get to it. I don't... want the cat jumping up on the cabinets so my only solution is to put the cats food... had both cats and dogs the cats were fed in the laundry room on the dryer on a tray..."
Ways to Keep Pets Comfy-Cozy at Home
"are the cats? More people own cats than dogs! Some GREAT ideas!!! Cute, cute---great... and our cat loves them all. Ouray, there are a couple of cats in the pics, but no... younger cat loves a boot box. She used to sleep in a shoe box when she was a kitten... older cat (much heavier) loves a cushion that we put on our sofa or one of the carpets... house cat who prefers to keep away from the action upstairs.... made my day Where..."
Is Your Home a Mini Wild Kingdom?
"have a cat and/or dog. That’s over 171 million Fidos and Miss Kittys sharing our... toys and cat nip! It’s easy to see why we are so willing to include these four-footed... is 'the cat's meow!' Love the built in feeding station. That... for the cats. We recently were talking about building walkways around the house over... for our cats, but I like this idea much better. Place a few of these around and it..."
10 Top Plants to Grow Indoors
"toxic to cats. Check this website if you have a cat: had a cat in it? and they said to keep away from cats. Guess what--the cat is smart... has five cats, they came with them from Turkey ten years ago. Those cats are all over... want my cat to get poisoned. Does anybody have cats allowed outdoors and around poisonous... plants and cats, you'll still have to put the plants out of reach of the cats, because..."
Bulletproof Decorating: Upholstery That Stands Up to Anything
"indoor only cats. I plan to use the nail caps on my cat when I get new couches. Good luck... beloved cat. I trim his claws, but he can still puncture fabric or leather, so I've... regarding your cat's claws...have you seen the nail caps called soft paws? They are plastic... over your cats nails and protect your fabrics/furniture/carpet. They are best used for... to our is sturdy and rarely shows their fur! Disappointed that Crypton..."
My Houzz: Reclaimed Style in an 1880s Loft
"his 2 cats, Oliver and Isabella Location: Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh... and the cat is precious : D Great space and cats. Digging the artwork too. Usually... stretching cat shot is icing on the cake! High ceilings, windowlight with lots of character... and the cat too!! The height! The height! The windows, the art. I love it! I liked... again, the cat takes center stage, as it should be, no? Phenomenal to say the least!..."