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5 Finishes Pets and Kids Can’t Destroy — and 5 to Avoid
"situation for pet owners and parents alike: You buy a brand-new couch thinking you’ve purchased... by your pet or child. It’s enough to make you feel like you’ll never be able to rectify... to keep pets from damaging their homes. Accidents aside, most scratches and bite marks... basic pet training and plenty of outdoor playtime will go a long way toward keeping... keeping your pet happy and your furnishings unscathed. Most dog trainers also recommend..."
Pet-Proofing Your Home: A Room-by-Room Guide
"t all pet dangers are obvious. Keep furry friends safe and sound by handling all... goes with pet ownership. Puppies and kittens especially can get into everything and escape... Love Your Pet! Our vet advised us to never keep collars on pets unless walking on leash... safe for pets, or we spray and keep the pets inside for an hour longer than the instructions... save the pets. Any suggestions for making escape plans for pets when you don't want..."
Garden Alert: 22 Plants to Keep Away From Pets
"s and pets aren't always a perfect combination. A surprising number of plants, including... and your pets can't coexist. Many dogs and cats won't give these plants a second look... on your pets and their chewing preferences, especially puppies and kittens who can... suspect you pet has gotten into something it shouldn't have, contact your vet or an emergency... healthy pet. What is safe for one pet, may not be safe for another. By all means..."
Home Tech: Pets Need Gadgets, Too
"indoor-outdoor pet access? New home gadgets do that and more... of your pet — and make the whole pet experience more fun and pleasant for you, too... argue that pets need technology more than we do. Without opposable thumbs or the capacity... speech, pets need the empowering technologies even more than we do.... to make pets anxious. The are detrimental to a pets mental health. Please do not... makes a pet door that opens based on a magnet on the pet's collar. Much less expensive..."
Pet-Friendly Design: Making Room for the Dog Dish
"where pets are factored into the design... a good pet owner, I keep my pup’s water bowl filled with fresh water. It’s located... for most pet owners. I have always placed pet bowls in or near the kitchen for this... area for pets These are marvelous examples. Thinking of the pets needs as part of the... feed our pets. Personally, I'd rather have my dog eat in the kitchen then in my... "pet places" to the options for their homes. If you are not planning..."
Dealing With Pet Messes: An Animal Lover's Story
"how one pet guardian learned to cope and to focus on the love... you have pets, I know you have a dirty little secret inside your home. More to the point... brand pet stain and odor remover is a life saver! Added bonus, it takes away red... Animal, pet lovers, little furry family members all understand. We just lost Our beloved... getting out pet odors from bedding - I add about 1/4 - 1/2 c to the wash load along with..."
To Feed and Protect: Care for Your Pet From Afar With New Devices
"watch our pets while we're at work or otherwise out of the house for a short time, and... the iSeePet360. The product, which was made in Japan, featured a high-capacity container... holding dry pet food. It also had a dish where the food could be dispensed either automatically... monitor your pet over the Internet to make sure everything was OK. Unfortunately, the product... caring for pets while you're at work or away overnight. Very recently, however, a few..."
The Best of My Houzz: 50 Design-Loving Pets
"their pets are just as much of a visual treat. Meet some of our favorite pugs, ponies... all us pet lovers would be adding our gorgeous pets in the comments section. Yup,... posting of pet pics begin! Here is Rico, my Chihuahua, guard dog extrodinaire. Lovely... couch!! My pets :) Mitchell is no longer going to comment on the Boston winter. Max relaxing... menagerie of pets all my life but was especially intrigued by the couple who likes to o..."
15 Outdoor Pet Projects You'll Lap Up
"treats for pets and inspiration for other owners... responses to pets' love of the outdoors — and to the need to keep pets safe and comfortable... for your pets shines through with the care and thought you've put into building things... pics. for pet. Pets need space to play and these are great ideas for pet-friendly homes... euthanized pets if all pet owners consudered sone of the above! 'Mo Mo' (our family tortoise)..."
Ways to Keep Pets Comfy-Cozy at Home
"for snug pet nooks, plush bedding and other creature comforts... for the pets. Sure, the human household members are important, but we can't deny our... getting your pets' hangouts and bedding ready for the cooler temperatures in ways that are... of the pets still end up curling near your feet in your bed at night. Pet nooks in... Great pet-centric idea book! My cats will climb into any box they see, but if I make..."
6 Design Ideas for Happy Pets
"Every pet owner knows the specific needs of their pets, others living in the house... right! Pets are important for so many families. Here is a door for the small dog -... g our pets? Many great suggestions here, but the one I'm hesitant about is letting... for the pets, maybe a little too much commotion for people! On one other front, I've... generation of pets...fine as long as the cat was young and spry enough, but as she aged we..."
A Romp Through Pet-Friendly Materials
"With a pet bird, I can't use a high-odor oil paint so I am using a latex floor enamel... bring your pet a lot of pain. This way, I would certainly recommend non-slip flooring... their pets, us too! Do you know of a furniture fabric and carpet that will not attract... go with pets, and there are new styles all the time. cats have taught me a lot about... in some pet shops. Petsmart does not carry it unfortunately. I get mine at KV Vet..."
15 Doggone-Good Tips for a Pet Washing Station
"after I pet him is very noticeable, so chances are, the same smell is in your carpets... a home pet washing station isn't looking so crazy. In fact, you can use them for other... uses his pet care station for cleaning dirty golf clubs, gardening tools and even the... about pet wash stations, there's no denying their popularity. If you're thinking... concept of a pet station. I would like to incorporate a dog feeding area into my new kitchen..."
Houzz Call: Show Us Your Pet Projects!
"just for pets around Houzz lately, which makes us want to know what kinds of pet projects... shows your pet enjoying the fruits of your labor, all the better!... heavy pet use. No lawn. The dogs have access to the fenceline to visit with their... little pets. And they love them too! I can match any decor and I promise, they are... through a pet window in our living room window whenever they want and I have to say that..."
Houzz Pets: 50 Design-Loving Dogs
"cutest pets and pet designs shared by you, the Houzz community. From cool washing... love our pets. To celebrate them, we thought we'd sit down and compile all the funniest... salute to pets with all things dog.... incorporate my pets' things into my home design has been to recover the dog bed with fabric... With Your Pets" has great, practical suggestions for living with beloved furry ones.... right our pets are what make our house a home. My life both personal and business revolve..."