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25,512 Armchairs

An armchair is a great additions to many spaces: it can complete a living room set, warm up a dining room corner or act as an unexpected desk chair. Whatever its use, you’ll find a wide variety of armchairs and recliners to choose from when shopping: keep in mind your desired style, size and budget to help you narrow down your search. More 
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How big should my armchair or recliner be?

This depends on where you plan to put it. Determining the size is all about understanding scale: if it’s going in a spacious living room, a larger armchair will work, but if it’s going into tight guest bedroom, consider one of smaller stature. In addition, keep in mine the other furnishings in the room so that the size of your armchair works with them, not against them.

What style will work for me?

Consider the room’s current design scheme as well as your personal preferences when making this decision. Do you want the armchair to be a formal chair that acts a design focal point? Find something with exposed wood and less padding, upholstered in a vibrant velvet. Do you want to sink into it with a glass of wine at the end of a long day? If so, you’ll want an armchair where comfort is key: thick cushions that are durable for everyday use.

Footrest or no footrest?

Footrests are great for kicking back and relaxing, and work well if your armchair falls in line with a more casual style. If it’s more formal, a foot-rest may seem out of place. You also need to consider space: is there room to kick out a recliner footrest? Remember: if you’re dying for a footrest but your beloved armchair doesn’t have one, an ottoman works just as well. Just be sure to get the height right in comparison to the armchair to maximize comfort.

What upholstery should I consider?

In many cases, armchairs tend to be an accent piece, so it may be fun to use a patterned fabric or bold color to make a statement. If that’s not your style, consider leather, fine cotton or twill; both will withstand wear-and-tear over time.

How much should I plan to pay?

You will find a range of prices when shopping for an armchair or recliner, so let your budget be your guide. However, armchairs are generally investment pieces, so be sure to seek something out that’s high in quality without breaking the bank.