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Asian Floor Lamps
Asian Floor Lamps

67 Asian Floor Lamps

As most homeowners and designers know, lighting can make all the difference in the look and ambiance of a home. A good asian floor lamp is a great way to mix up the style of lighting in your house, and help add a warmer, isolated, and greater sense of light in a room. This can be particularly helpful if your overhead light just isn't cutting it. A few lights can also add some visual interest in a room, by adding objects at varying heights. More 
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When it comes to buying a floor light, there are three main things to consider:

How tall should a floor lamp be?

Where is this light going to go? Is it a reading lamp? Is it for watching TV? Or is it to add more ambient light to the entire room? Figuring out the purpose of your light will help you figure out how tall it should be. A reading lamp shouldn't extend too far up, or it won't be able to shine light where it's needed, whereas a floor lamp that's meant to add overall light to a space will need to be a bit taller, so it can spread light throughout the room.

What kind of floor lamp shade should I buy?

Not all shades are equal, so make sure to pay attention to the shade style. Some emit more light, and some emit less. Some shades are also adjustable, allowing you to focus light in different directions. Test out lights before buying, and pay attention to the ways that drum shaped shades, paper cone shaped shades, and boxy shades emit light. Shade fabric is also important. A heavy fabric will have a very different impact than a white paper shade, so know beforehand just what kind of effect you want your lighting to have.

What style floor lighting should I look for?

Floor lamps come in as many simple and decorative styles as there are personal tastes. Pick a light that complements your overall home style, but don't be afraid to go bold either! Floor lighting can make a big statement if you want it to. Finishes, shade styles, shade fabrics, switches, and even light bulbs can all change the style of the lighting.

Search for the floor lamp that will look best in your home. Browse through different styles, colors, and materials here, along with information on where to purchase them.