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97,486 Chandeliers

The most regal of all light fixtures, chandeliers are often reserved for formal dining rooms, grand entrances and the occasional living room. However, modern designers are always on the lookout for a dramatic focal point, which means they are now being used in kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms. If you're considering a chandelier, take the time to think about your space and what style fixture will look best. More 
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What chandelier style works for my space?

Pick a look that's going to complement your space. Note that this doesn't necessarily mean that the chandelier needs to be in the exact same style as your room's decor. Sometimes a bold fixture that almost contradicts the look of your room can make the entire ambiance work. Be original! You don't have to go with a standard lead crystal chandelier. A chandelier can be made of just about anything, including glass, metal and even rope, so get creative with your choices. For a trendy look, opt for an unexpected black chandelier, a unique geometric pattern or bold color. Go traditional with a candle chandelier, wrought iron fixture or standard gold finish.

What size chandelier should I buy?

While a chandelier should be the focal point of your space, it shouldn't overwhelm all the other elements in the room. If you're placing it in a space with lots of furniture, it might help to measure sofas, tables and chairs to determine the chandelier's size in relation to the rest of your furniture. A common rule of thumb is that a fixture should be half the diameter of a furniture piece, like a dining table, but it's really personal preference.

In a room with minimal furniture, there's less to compete with, so a bigger fixture might be better. Oversized chandeliers work especially well in rooms with a vaulted ceiling; after all, it gives both visitors and homeowners a reason to look up! In general, allow three inches of chandelier height for each foot of a room's height. For example, if a room has a ten-foot ceiling, the maximum height of its chandelier should be 30 inches.