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Wondering what type of lights to choose for your kid’s bedroom? Since safety is paramount in any space with children, there are extra factors to consider when choosing kids room lighting. You’ll want to think about factors such as the types of activities your he or she will be doing in the room (including getting into all sorts of trouble), as well as placement of electrical outlets and furniture. But safety isn’t the only consideration — kids light fixtures should without a doubt bring a sense of playfulness and imagination into their space; they’re kids after all! To be sure you’re bringing the safest and most fun kids lighting into your home, take a look at the following advice. More 
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How can I be sure my kids bedroom lighting is safe?

Safety is the primary concern when choosing lighting for any space that will predominantly be used by children. All wall mounted lights should be out of reach of a small child so he or she doesn’t accidentally burn his or her hands by curiously touching the light bulb. As a precaution, it’s advisable to use something other than halogen bulbs in children’s rooms as these generate extreme heat. If any of the lights require an outlet, remember to block the outlet with a heavy piece of furniture to avoid potential contact with an open socket.

Should kids lights be ambient or task lighting?

Likely, you’ll want to include both. Install some sort of overhead ambient light so your child’s room is well lit at all times. Consider the types of activities your child will also be doing in the room and whether he or she will need extra light. For example, your child will likely need a desk lamp, or some form of task lighting if he or she will be working on homework or playing with something like puzzles. You may also want to consider placing a lamp beside your child’s bed if he or she enjoys reading at night. Remember to outfit it with a low-wattage bulb to reduce the amount of heat it may generate.

What styles of children's lighting should I choose?

Kids’ rooms are an opportunity to design a fun space, and your child will probably enjoy a stylishly playful lighting fixture. Look for lampshades that feature their favorite Disney character or images of a sport they like. Make choosing the lighting a fun process for both you and your children by shopping for the items together.

What should I consider in terms of night-lights for kids?

From the decorative to the practical, night-lights are available in a range of styles and colors. First, decide whether you’d prefer a plug-in, battery-powered or rechargeable model. Replacing batteries in a battery-powered night-light may be expensive, but you may feel limited in your choices if you don’t have an open outlet for a plug-in. Consider choosing a scattered or diffused style, with ample brightness so your child feels comforted in the dark. Like any other bulbs in your child’s room, make sure it’s outfitted with low-wattage bulbs that don’t get hot, especially if it’s placed beside the bed or in an outlet that is within your child’s reach.