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If closet space is an issue for you (or just simply non-existent), a clothes rack is a great way to add some extra storage and organizational options for your garments. While the thought of a clothes rail may stir up mental images of the cold, metal racks in department stores, garment racks today come in a wide variety of styles and materials that will fit perfectly into your home. As an added bonus, your portable closet might come with extra organizational features that will give your clothing situation an organizational boost. More 
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What should I consider before I buy a garment rack?

Whether you’re aiming to buy a portable, adjustable or permanent new clothes rack, be sure you measure the space where you’ll put it. The last thing you want is to come home with your new clothing rack and find that it doesn’t fit! Next, be sure that the amount of clothing you need to store will fit. If you find you’re still a little tight on space, consider investing in another clothing rack, small hooks or other space-saving tools. If worst comes to worst, you might even consider cleaning out your closet and donating items that are outdated or that you haven’t worn in over a year to your local thrift store.

Should I install a clothes rack in my closet?

If your closet is fairly spacious, you can look into adding some clothing racks. This may add bonus points to your house’s resale value as integrated closet organization is extremely popular, not to mention sturdier. If you’re renting, a less permanent garment rack may be a smarter option. Clothing rods will add adjustable clothes storage in a small closet space, and some expandable garment racks can be installed and removed without the headache of dealing with screws and hooks.

What about a portable clothes rack?

Portable closets can be used whether you have closet space to spare or not, and they’re especially useful for renters. You might even consider replacing your chest of drawers with a portable clothes rack, and you’ll be delighted at the variety of finishes, styles and colors available.