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In the name of safety, quality, style, and price, parents often stray away from overcomplicated crib sets with too many bits and pieces. A simple crib is usually the best bet, but it can leave something to be desired, style-wise. Not to mention, your infant needs visual stimulation! A few well-placed crib accessories are a great way to help give your child developmental stimulation, while still spicing up the nursery decor. More 
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Mobiles are great developmental toys for infants. Newborns are still learning to control and focus their vision, and a mobile can be a wonderful way to encourage visual stimulation. First off, consider the way that the mobile operates. Will it need batteries? Or does it turn on with a switch? Or maybe you need to wind it up? Think about what will suit you and your child's habits best, and what will be most convenient in the long run. Also, consider the way that the objects move. A mobile can be black and white, color, or even have pictures of your family on it — but having the objects move in a horizontal or vertical manner usually provides the most stimulation. Lastly, think about what sound the mobile will make (if any). Noise can be another great way to stimulate your child, but is the noise going to be something that will drive you insane after a week? Also, when you purchase a mobile, keep in mind that it needs to be installed high enough so a newborn can't reach it from the crib. Even the safest mobile can become a safety hazard to a newborn if it's yanked down from the ceiling.

Pillows and Plush Crib Toys

Comfort and style aren't the only things to think about when you purchase a pillow or plush toy for your child's crib. Make sure that there are no zippers, buttons, or any bits and pieces that can come off and choke or hurt your baby. Also, it's important to make sure that anything you put in your infant's crib is washable. Odds are that some sort of mess is going to happen at some point in your child's crib. Save yourself the hassle and the mess, and make sure that any toys, pillows, or accessories are easy to clean.

Crib Wall Mounts and Canopies

A wall mount with (or without) a canopy is a great way to add a soft touch of style to a crib — particularly if you opted for a simple bassinet or crib style. A canopy not only looks elegant, but it can shield your child from drafts, noise, and light. When you choose a wall mount and/or canopy, make sure that everything is securely installed and attached. Place cribs a bit away from the wall if you're using a wall mount, just to avoid any potential accidents. Also, make sure the fabric is washable. You never know what kind of mess is going to happen in a nursery, so it's best to play it safe and make sure all textiles are easy to clean.