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Dining Chairs
Dining Chairs

35,140 Dining Chairs

Depending on your needs, a dining chair can serve many different purposes. If you have a formal dining room, your dining chair is often only used for special occasions. If it's part of a kitchen dining set, it probably sees a lot of action — everything from game night to daily family meals. The type of seat you pick out is often dictated by those preferences, and where style might matter more in a formal setting, comfort is key with casual, everyday events. More 
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As you get ready to purchase a new kitchen chair set, take some time to consider these suggestions.

How many dining chairs should I buy for my space?

The number of chairs you purchase is largely determined by the size of your table. A small table often includes four chairs, while a larger one will need six to eight. If you're starting from scratch and buying an entirely new set, consider how many you actually need, and how many your space will allow. It's also helpful to buy a few extra seats, in case you need to squeeze in more people during a larger family event.

Should I buy metal, plastic, upholstered or wood kitchen chairs?

When it comes to material, go with your family's comfort zone. Plastic is great for kids since it's softer and easier to clean if things go wrong. Upholstered and slipcovered seats add some much-needed color, though they are less forgiving when it comes to spills. Wood is often the go-to option, though a wood piece without a seat cushion is often uncomfortable for long periods of time. In the end, style is important, but comfort should rise above all else.