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Kids Chairs
Kids Chairs

3,750 Kids Chairs

Picking out children's furniture comes with a pile of complications. Size, style, materials, and function all have to be considered carefully. A chair made specifically for a child also has to take age into account, which has several other considerations attached to it. More 
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How will my child use the chair?

First off, think about what you and your child want this chair to be used for. Do they need a reading chair? A desk chair? Something to accompany a specific table? Or maybe just a little side chair? Figuring out how many purposes this chair needs to serve will help you determine the style, size, and materials. Consider specialty styles of chairs — children's chairs aren't just limited to side chairs. Bean bag chairs, desk chairs, reading chairs, and lounge chairs can all be purchased in a size and style that fits your child!

What size works best for my child?

Choosing the size of a kids table really depends on the age of a child, and how long you want this chair to last for. Ideally, you want a chair that can last them for quite a bit of time, through many different age ranges. But at certain ages, this isn't always realistic. A chair that can comfortably seat a toddler won't be able to seat an 11 year old — or vice versa. Really think about what kind of investment you're willing to make. If you do buy an expensive toddler-sized chair, will you be able to use it again? Or pass it on to someone else?

What chair material works well for kids?

Like any type of child's furniture, you'll want to make sure that the material on this chair is durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. A white, plush lounge chair might look great in your little girl's room, but one tipped over glass of chocolate milk, and it's destroyed. If you're going with a fabric chair, pick a color and pattern that hides grime, rather than highlighting it. And pick a fabric that's easy to spot clean — like cotton.

If you're going with a more standard desk or side chair, most styles are available in wood, plastic, or metal. While each has its benefits, and are fairly easy to clean (as long as the wood is treated), the most important consideration is safety. You don't want to have a table with any sharp edges, screws, corners, or anything else your child can get hurt on.

What kind of chair will look good with my decor?

While you want to pick furniture that goes with the overall theme of your home, it's also important to choose things that your child will love and cherish. Ask your child what they want! They might surprise you — and a compromise might be easier than you think. Encourage certain activities with certain types of chairs. A desk chair at a desk will encourage homework and arts and crafts, a small chair and table set will encourage pretend play, and a comfy lounge or bean bag chair might be the perfect nook for reading!