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Ladders & Step Stools
Ladders & Step Stools

346 Ladders and Step Stools

Whether you have tall kitchen cabinets or an attic storage space, having a ladder or step stool in your household repertoire is a must. Step stools and folding stools, which are mostly used indoors, work especially well in kitchens and closets where storage space is at a premium. On the other hand, ladders are functional both indoors and out, but they come in handy when hanging Christmas lights or cleaning out gutters. Beyond being practical, they can also add to your decor; library ladders give a regal feel to any bookcase, and stools can come in fun designs and colors. Here are a few things to consider as you purchase your newest addition. More 
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Do I need a ladder or a step stool?

Even if you live in an apartment or condo, having some sort of stool or ladder is helpful. Ladders are traditionally used for yard work and outdoor duties; they work great for cleaning out gutters, putting up holiday decorations or maintaining tall trees. On the other hand, stools offer less of a boost, which is why they are ideal for indoor use. They come in handy when grabbing items on taller shelves or cabinets, and are also great for small children.

What size ladder do I need?

Before you make your purchase, think about your tasks and what size will suit your needs. If you need on your roof, an extendable ladder is a must, while smaller ladders might do the trick if you're working indoors. Kitchen step stools usually need two steps to reach the highest shelves, though a bathroom stool is lower to the ground, especially since it is mostly used by children. While you should consider your activities, you should also keep in mind your height; smaller people, including kids, require more steps; just be sure to find one that is safe for the whole family to use!

How do I store a ladder?

Thankfully, most ladders and step stools are foldable, which makes them easy to fit into any nook or cranny. Since full-sized ladders take up a lot of space, be sure you find a folding one, and place it somewhere sturdy so it doesn't fall over and cause harm to people or products. Step stools can go either way, especially since they are so small. Folding stools are great for storing on hooks in kitchens or garages, while colorful wood stools can easily slid under a bathroom sink or in a clothes closet.