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Name one chore anyone could do without, and we’re sure doing the laundry would top that list. This tedious, time-consuming task often takes all of a day or even an entire weekend to complete. So why should your laundry room lack the appropriate tools and appliances that can transform this tedious task into an easy, breezy one? More 
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Sure, laundry rooms aren’t noted for their spaciousness, but with some appropriate planning and clever designs, you can squeeze your hamper, clothes rack, washer and dryer into this space with room to spare for the lucky person tasked with this chore. If your space is supremely small, a portable washing machine offers a miniature-sized solution to cleaning your clothes. If you have a little bit more room to spare, a stackable washer and dryer set makes great use of your vertical space.

If there’s no room for a dryer or if you simply prefer to let your clothing air-dry, a retractable clothesline can be mounted to your laundry room wall and simply retracted out of the way when not in use. A wall-mounted ironing board is also a good investment, as it allows this typically cumbersome apparatus to quickly and easily be folded up into the wall.

If space is less of an issue, you may like the convenience of having a utility sink installed in your laundry room. Now you can hand wash any delicates right then and there, soak any stains and rinse out the detergent cap. Of course, there’s much more to doing the laundry than what we’ve listed here. Be sure you have an iron or clothes steamer on hand for smoothing out any wrinkles, plus other accessories like an ironing board cover and more.