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A love seat is a classic piece of seating furniture that works well in a variety of spaces. Since they’re shorter than the average sofa, they add seating room while saving space. Available in a variety of styles and shapes, a love seat is great for families, couples or one-bedroom apartments tight on space. More 
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What exactly defines a love seat?

A love seat is basically a sofa designed to fit two people comfortably (hence the name). It’s generally outfitted with two seat cushions, and ranges anywhere from 50-80” wide.

In what situations are love seats most suitable?

Because they are smaller, love seats are great for small apartments. They also work well for creating seating areas in odd spaces; think reading nooks, alcoves or bay windows (a love seat can act as a window seat). They also work well in larger living spaces to complement a sofa. Face them toward each other or beside one another to create an entertaining space.

What size love seat should I look for?

Just because love seats are designed for two people does not mean that all love seats are all created equal. They vary in size just like any other piece of furniture, so once you determine where you’d like your cozy couch, be sure to take careful measurements. In addition, pay attention to the size of surrounding furniture so that your piece is complementary, and not overpowering.

What styles are available?

If you have a style in mind, you’ll likely be able to find a piece that matches. Take a look at the existing furniture in the room you’re looking to outfit and try to find something that falls in line with the theme. Considering something traditional? Go with something that has formal details like cabriole legs, decorative carvings or dark finishes. Want to go more contemporary? Seek out something simple that uses clean lines and minimal details to create a sleek design.

What type of upholstery should I consider?

This is generally dependent on the function your love seat will serve. Is it going to be more of a formal piece that won’t be used everyday? Choose a fabric to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Will it be in the family room and a staple sofa for lounging? Find something durable and low-maintenance to keep you satisfied for years to come.

What should I look for in the construction?

The construction of furniture can be tell-tale to how good the quality is. Keep your eye out for a piece with a frame made from sturdy material, like kiln-fired hardwood, oak or steel. They’ll hold up for years to come, whereas plywood will likely fall apart.

Can a love seat double as a sleeper?

Yes! If you’re looking for extra space to sneak guests, a sleeper love seat will comfortably unfold to a full-size bed.