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Cabinet & Drawer Pulls
Cabinet & Drawer Pulls

43,098 Cabinet and Drawer Handle Pulls

In the decisions that go into a bathroom or kitchen remodel, selecting drawer pulls, or handles may not seem as important as what you choose for your countertops or cabinet style. But it’s the pulls that you will use to access everything from your flatware to your bath accessories and everything you intend to store in those spaces. Changing out the pulls on your cabinets is a relatively simple and inexpensive tweak that can create a drastically different feel and style to any space. More 
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Add decorative interest with pulls.

Pulls are a great way to add decorative interest to an otherwise functional handle that displays your design aesthetic and style. Whether or not you’re into clean modern hardware or rustic traditional, there is a pull material and style for you.

Different finishes for different styles.

For the rustic kitchen, oil rubbed bronze, brass, or cast iron may be the perfect pick, especially if it looks hand forged or carved. Looking for a cleaner and more understated material, then nickel — either polished or with a satin finish — or chrome are great to consider. The finishes and materials pair well with a variety of cabinet colors and styles and brings a polished elegance to any home kitchen.

Which shape and style pull is best for you?

Once you have selected the finish material for your cabinet or drawer pulls, picking out the shape and style comes next. While you can really use pulls on any casegood in the kitchen or bathroom, drawers and pullouts lend themselves best to pulls. Whether the classic yet rustic bin pull suits your style, or open and geometric bar pull is the perfect finish for your sophisticated contemporary space, it’s smart to be consistent. Since these pulls are very visible, a cohesive collection makes for appearance. If you really don’t like the idea of your hardware dominating the scene, consider a cabinet edge pull. Only the tip of the hardware is revealed enough for a metallic glimmer and to get a finger hold on the drawer.