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Shoe Racks

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There’s nothing worse than seeing a big, chaotic pile of shoes tumbling out of a closet and into a bedroom floor. Even though shoes carry us pretty much everywhere, we often forget to take good care of them, and they end up getting tossed onto the floor. If you’re plagued by this problem, a shoe rack will work wonders to solve your organizational problems. More 
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What type of shoe rack works for me?
There are several different types of shoe racks: over the door, on the floor, integrated plastic shelving, fabric, wood peg, stand alone metal shelving, and more. Like most organizational features, deciding what kind of system is best for you comes down to subtleties. Think about how you get dressed in the morning, where you like to put your shoes when you get home in the evening, and where your children tend to toss their shoes after playing outside. Buy an organizational system that fits your lifestyle — rather than the other way around — to ensure that it will be used.

What shoe rack material will look good in my space?
Shoe racks also come in various materials, and since you want a shoe rack to blend into your home’s decor, it’s important to think about what’s going to wear the best and what will hide dirt from your shoes. Most shoe racks are made of metal, wood and fabric, and because of the dirt, darker finishes are usually better. You want something simultaneously durable and stylish, so think about what is most important to you and your home's design.