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In a small apartment or house, finding a sleep spot for visiting guests can often be a logistical nightmare. When your guest bedrooms are limited, one of the easiest ways to add that extra mattress is through a sofa bed or futon. Sofa beds, which are comparable to futons and pullout couches, only take up space when in use; otherwise, it folds up nicely and functions as additional seating. Today, they come in a variety of styles and mattress sizes, so you can accommodate all your family without sacrificing good style. Here are some helpful things to consider when taking the sofa bed plunge. More 
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What size futon should I buy?

Like beds, sleeper sofas come in twin, full, queen and king sizes. Although you might be tempted to buy a king-sized mattress to easily accommodate more guests, be sure that it will properly fit in your space — and have room to spare. Measure the space beforehand, and don't forget that when pulled out, the bed will take up much more room. Be sure to leave walking space on all sides; after all, you don't want to force guests to step over the bed in order to get in or out. If you can fit a king pullout couch or futon, great! If you have minimal space, opt for a double bed, or even a twin-sized chair bed.

Is a sofa bed mattress comfortable?

This is the ultimate question: Buy an uncomfortable mattress, and you’ll find your guests preferring the floor to the bed. Test it out like a regular mattress and be sure it supports the shoulders, hips and lower back. The thickness of the futon doesn’t necessarily mean extra comfort; the construction is what matters most. A good measure of quality is how many coils the mattress has: A full-sized mattress should have about 300, while a queen will have closer to 400.

What else should I consider when buying a sleeper sofa or futon?

While the comfort and size are most important, you also want something that looks good in your current space. Sofa beds are no longer clunky and ugly; they come in a wide variety of styles, so you can easily find something that is both pretty and practical. To add interest, opt for a piece with a fun fabric pattern or bright color, or try a leather or tufted look for texture variation.