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Storage Bins & Boxes
Storage Bins & Boxes

2,500 Storage Bins and Boxes

Household storage is something there never seems to be enough of. Luckily, versatile items like storage boxes can do the trick while adding a touch of decor at the same time. Whether used individually or in a matching set, bins can add visual layers to your space in a controlled and organized way while simultaneously eliminating visual chaos and clutter. If you’re in the market for a decorative and functional container or two, we’ve got a huge selection plus a few tips and tricks for you: More 
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Utilize storage boxes in your home office.

With large amounts of paper clutter plus cords and other odds and ends, the home office can look like a war zone. A well-placed container can collect all those papers in one organized location, while smaller plastic storage boxes can become a home for pens, pencils and erasers. Storage bins can also make sorting cords and other electronics accessories a breeze.

Organize your closet with storage bins.

Your closet is the perfect place for bins to work their magic. Place smaller items like scarves, gloves, hats and belts in a container, then place it on a shelf. Purses are another item that can be tucked into a bin. If your shelf is high up, consider adding labels or using clear plastic containers so you can easily tell what’s inside. This is also a great opportunity to invest in bins with a decorative flair — the matching colors and patterns will add to the organized look of your closet.

Consolidate DVDs and CDs with storage containers.

The plastic cases your DVDs and CDs come in can take up valuable shelf space, not to mention they can crack or shatter, leaving you with a fairly useless container. Bins are a nifty solution, allowing you to easily organize your collection and reclaim your shelf space. Invest in some DVD or CD slips, then organize them alphabetically, by genre or however you like inside the boxes. Voilà! You now have an organized, compact media collection.

Customize your bins.

There’s never been a better time to break out the label maker. Storage cubes are just begging to be labeled, and if you have underbed storage, plastic containers high up on shelves or storage boxes with lids, labeling is a great way to easily identify what’s inside. If you’re the crafty type, you can also decorate with colorful or patterned elements like washi tape, paint, markers, ribbons and more. Organization has never been more fun!